• A REASON For MASSAGE: Nurturance

    A note from Gerry Pyves, the creator of NO HANDS® Massage “There are many reasons why I consider massage to be an essential component of any health regime. In this issue we look at the simple power of safe and deep touch to nurture us and feed us in so many important ways; mind, body […]

  • The Kindle Centre INVITATION

    Get fit & healthy at The Kindle Centre In 2017 The Kindle Centre will be celebrating its 10th year with a lot more activities and classes. If you wish to make healthy lifestyle changes, our health and wellbeing programme is here to support you! We would like to invite local residents to stop for some […]

  • BE MINDFUL With Hannah Morley

    Hannah Morley achieves success in her work by combining physiotherapy treatment with Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and meditation. You can try this winning formula in a class setting or on a one-to-one basis. Be Mindful Pilates Classes for Rehabilitation are available at two Hereford locations: at Castle Green and at De Koffie Pot (see advertisement […]

  • YOGA HOMEWORK With Crow & Wild: The Half-Boat Pose (Ardha Navasana) 

    By Gemma Daffurn The benefits: This great pose works a number of areas at once: it strengthens the abdominal muscles and the back, supporting the spine; it opens up the chest area, and, with correct positioning of the head, can also help the thyroid gland. The half boat pose strengthens and tones the legs, working […]

  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS: What causes this painful foot condition and how can we deal with it?

    By Bruce Fraser The sole of the foot (known as the plantar area) contains a very large sheet of strong fibrous tissue called the plantar fascia – it connects the heel to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is damage and inflammation to this structure. It is a very common, painful and debilitating condition. Anatomy Fascia seems […]

  • Halo Leisure: Welcome To The TONING SUITE

    If you find a gym workout too much (because of your age, mobility or health issues) then step into Halo’s Toning Suite and discover a world of super smart machines that anyone can access – they can help everyone get fitter… When Mo and Rob Pritchard met Halo’s team at a community health event at […]

  • WIN A £25 Voucher To Spend At FIT, The Hereford Store For Designer Labels

    To enter this competition, simply answer the question below. We will randomly select one winner and notify them by email. Question: Where do you usually pick up your printed copy of FitNet magazine? Email your answer, your name, address and telephone contact to FitNet. Email: info@fitnet.org.uk Closing date: 15th February 2017. Previous winner: Cameron Mitchell-Hill, […]

  • Welcome To The GYM With NO NAME & FULLCYCLE Spin Studio

    If you are looking to get fit in a friendly, affordable and well equipped gym, look no further. The Gym With No Name offers 24-hour key card access every day of the week, and with no contract membership, you can simply pay as you go £20 per month or £5 a day, and train how […]


    By Sharon Collett Research has shown that 47 per cent of people notice our smiles first when meeting us, followed by eyes (31 %), scent (1 %), clothes (7%) and hair (4%). Both the first impression that we give to others, and our self confidence, can be hugely affected by unsightly tooth surface staining and […]

  • LADIES, This Is Why You Should Lift Weights

    By Jon Coombes As a personal trainer I often come across female clients with reservations about strength training. “I don’t want to become muscular, I just want to tone up,” they say when they come to the gym for the first time. A simple fact is that women produce a fraction of testosterone compared to […]



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