• Is Your Nervous System Making You Jumpy?

    This is a glimpse into my chronic fatigue story. By Rosemary Channin As I sat on my bed with my arms curled around my knees, holding them close and trying to breathe deeply, I wondered if there would ever be a day when I didn’t jump out of my skin at the slightest sound. I […]

  • FROM X-Training TO Rehab Zone, Boost Your Fitness Levels With SIXTH SENSE FITNESS Classes

    You can take part in classes or use the gym without any membership – just drop in and pay as you go. Sixth Sense Fitness is fully open to the public and equipped to  accommodate any type of workout.                                 […]

  • Rebel Rock Bridal Hair & Make Up

    At Rebel Rock Hair & Make up we understand that every bride is different and requires a different approach to meet her needs, so each wedding is unique. When it comes to choosing bridal hair, do you go for an up-do or down-do? Curly or straight? There are so many points to consider, not just […]

  • Bella Goode’s Beauty School Hereford BEAUTY THERAPY &TRAINING, The First Step To Your Own Beauty Business

    Beauty School Hereford opened in January 2017, as a branch of Beauty Etiquette Training School, offering a full range of beauty, holistic and nail training. The courses are suitable for those who would like a change of career, or simply to learn something new, and enjoy the latest trends in beauty and holistic therapies.   […]


    By Lauretta Furlonger Sacroiliac (SI) dysfunction, with its signal pain which can be sharp or dull, often on one side of the lower back, often means that we have to alter our yoga practice and our life. SI dysfunction occurs when the sacrum moves too much or too little for the joint to be able […]


    You’ve seen it in the newspapers and on social media. Prince Harry’s fiancé Megan Markle revealed she does it too. Face Yoga is everywhere! By Lucy Jenkins            According to facial yoga expert Danielle Collins, the right facial exercises can strengthen the muscles, improve the lymph flow and relax tension lines, helping […]

  • Breakfast At The Muse Café: Avocado On Sourdough Toast

    One of our most popular breakfasts recently has been the avocado on sourdough toast, served with basil infused vine cherry tomatoes. Adding a poached egg makes it even tastier, and so does some cottage cheese and finely chopped spring onions. Whichever way you like your avocado, it makes a tasty and healthy snack at any […]

  • ALICAWAY COMBAT KNIFE System Now At Dacayana Eskrima In Hereford

    By Joseph Dignam The Alicaway Combat Knife System is founded on the experience and teachings of Grandmaster Alicaway, modernised through the addition of drills, non-lethal targeting and principles from GM Jun’s own Dacayana System. It also includes GM Jun Dacayana’s trademark flow and footwork. The system is taught through a ‘weapons first’ approach before ‘empty […]

  • Check Up On Your Progress With Halo’s New BODITRAX

    Within a week of its installation, Boditrax attracted hundreds of Halo members keen to check up on their progress. The word spread fast and new members started joining Halo to see for themselves. So how does Boditrax work? Pictured above: Halo Boditrax users – instructor Claire, gym member Nigel W., and staff member Jade.  Within […]

  • Indian Wellness Academy Yoga Classes, Retreats, Courses Workshops & Yoga Teacher Training

    By Ildiko Bakos Yoga’s gentle movements are the main reason it is so popular. Yoga is good for people who haven’t been active in a while, but also for those with certain health conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis. Exercises can be changed to fit your individual needs. If you are already fit and looking for […]



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