By Sharon Collett Research has shown that 47 per cent of people notice our smiles first when meeting us, followed by eyes (31 %), scent (1 %), clothes (7%) and hair (4%). Both the first impression that we give to others, and our self confidence, can be hugely affected by unsightly tooth surface staining and […]

  • LADIES, This Is Why You Should Lift Weights

    By Jon Coombes As a personal trainer I often come across female clients with reservations about strength training. “I don’t want to become muscular, I just want to tone up,” they say when they come to the gym for the first time. A simple fact is that women produce a fraction of testosterone compared to […]

  • GB Women’s PARALYMPIC Goalball TEAM

    By Gareth Bennett Goalball is the only Paralympic female team sport for blind and visually impaired athletes. It is played by teams of three using a 1.25kg ball with bells inside on a tactile volleyball sized court. The aim of the game is to score by rolling the ball into the opposition goal which is […]

  • The LOW CARB Life

    By Phaedra Bushby Is nutrition really that important? Does it matter what ’fuel’ you put in your ‘engine’? Ask yourself this: How would your car run if you put dirty fuel in it? Although humans can run on ‘bad fuel’ for a while, at some point our ‘engine’ is likely to start stalling on us. […]

  • Welcome to the Winter 2016/17 edition!

    Welcome to the Winter 2016/17 edition! Discipline means making ourselves do what we think is right. Passion, on the other hand, is actually doing what we feel like doing. With passion, things feel effortless so it makes sense to find a way of keeping fit and healthy that we feel passionate about and that we […]


    We all know that regular Pilates practice helps create long, lean and toned limbs and that it strengthens those all important core muscles. Here are a few additional benefits of this exercise discipline that started out as the domain of professional dancers. Pilates helps improve your balance A better balance is useful for anyone but […]

  • British Military Martial Arts: BIG FUN With Sam & Jonah Jones

    Sam and Jonah Jones are the coaching couple behind the success of the British Military Martial Arts (BMMA) club in Hereford. Jonah’s a military boxing background goes back 28 years – his coaching career followed his retirement from fighting. He is a close quarter protection (CQP) self defence instructor, and his impressive martial arts CV […]

  • Eat Your Greens Fresh, Locally Grown & Organic: VEGETABLE BOXES Delivered To Your Door

    Flights Orchard Farm organic vegetable boxes come in a £6.00, £9.00 or £14.00 variety, and the superb tasting selection includes root vegetables such as beetroot, potatoes and carrots, but also squash and kale. Steamed, boiled, stir fried or baked, kale adds many nutrients as well as flavour and texture to soups, casseroles, omelettes, smoothies and […]

  • Herefordshire Veterans’ Support Group

    By Chris Bailey As 2016 drew to a close, I reflected on the many kind hearted, genuine people who offered their help to the Herefordshire Veterans’ Support Group (HVSG). If it wasn’t for all these amazing people, the group would not be where we are today. What a year we had! Firstly, I would like […]

  • The Muse Café SLIMMERS’ MENU

    Customer Reviews “Our first port of call when in Ledbury. Discovered by chance after using others in the area, it has now become our favourite. Clean, well presented, quick service and nice surroundings. Good menu, quality, well presented food, and enjoyable. Highly recommended for breakfast, lunch and tea.” K.P. Austen “Went for lunch today. Fab […]



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    An update to the Birch detox kit featured in the magazine - it is now £40 and you get a body brush instead of a scrunchie 😀

    KIKI’s JUICE BAR: A Tasty Way To Your Five A Day!

    Smoothies from Kiki’s Juice Bar deliver a powerful mix of vitamins, packed with a delicious taste. Choose from Raspberry Heaven, Strawberry Fantasy or Mango Dream fruit smoothies, or why not go for one of the Super smoothies? SUPER GREEN contains avocado, apple, spinach, spirulina, basil and lime, while PASSION STORM mixes passion fruit with peach, papaya, apple and guava, and Aloe Vera. And if the weather is making you feel lethargic, ACAI KICK may be the answer, with its scoop of energy from Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries. The latest superfood, Acai berry is very low in sugar but packed with antioxidants, amino acids, fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, making it a near perfect energising fruit.

    Kiki’s Juice Bar also serves fresh juices, frozen yoghurts, shakes and organic, gluten free soups. From Red Lentil, Apricot & Chillies, to Italian Tomato & Basil, or Sweet Potato & Quinoa Soup, they are all packed with goodness. Keep warm with Spicy Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup or a super healthy Miso Broth With Pepper, Coconut & Coriander. Spinach & Split Pea Soup offers the perfect combination of spinach and split peas, with just the gentlest hint of nutmeg. Great for any occasion, it has only 100 calories per portion.

    Kim and Keely invite you to start the new year with a tasty dose of vitamins at Kiki’s Juice Bar. You can place an order by text and collect it later, while local businesses can arrange a delivery to their premises. For the latest offers, contact Kiki’s on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
    Tel: 01432 507 590 or 07954 039 907
    20 St. Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PL
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