• Welcome to the Winter 2017/2018 edition!

    Welcome to the Winter 2017/2018 edition! You are most likely already dedicated to some form of exercise and healthy eating plan, but if you are still looking for a way to improve your lifestyle and bring about positive changes, this edition has plenty to offer. Whatever your goals are, there are so many ways to […]

  • A WORD On WEIGHT LOSS With Naomi McGowan

    Miss Bikini Fitness 2017 title holder Naomi McGowan has some serious experience with dieting, training for fat loss and physique transformation. Here, personal trainer and fitness instructor Naomi answers your questions about fat burning, low carb programmes and training before breakfast.   What is the most challenging aspect of dieting and losing body fat? Patience. […]

  • From Buggyfit To BeneFiT Training Bootcamps Across Herefordshire Parks

    Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise class devised for postnatal mums – babies are brought along in the pram or buggy. After having a baby, life appears to take up all your time with ‘baby activities’ and clinic visits. However, studies show that taking time out for yourself, especially to exercise, is beneficial not only for […]

  • Herefordshire Man Turns CANCER DIAGNOSIS On Its Head To Raise Over £8,000 For Children Suffering Hair Loss

    Martyn Edwards (pictured) is no ordinary fundraiser. In 2016 Martyn, from Hereford, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, which had spread extensively to his liver, and was inoperable at the time. Yet last year, this incredible man not only organised but participated in a thrill-filled Treasure Quest. The event encouraged family and friends to […]

  • Post-Cancer PILATES

    By John Appleby At the time of writing this, I was four months after my cancer surgery and I was pleased to progress from chair based exercises to my preferred Mat Pilates, thanks to some adaptations, shown below. I think Joseph Pilates would be proud of my wedge, as he was known for constantly developing […]

  • The Inspirational Tough Mudder: Andrew ‘Buddy’ Holley Makes The Impossible Possible

    Five years ago Andrew ‘Buddy’ Holley had a serious motorbike accident, which left him with broken ribs and punctured lungs, as well as fractures in his shoulder blade, collar bone and his back. He was air lifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and spent two weeks in a coma, followed by four months at […]

  • Children’s & Adult Classes At Ledbury Dance Company

    There was a time when dance classes were mostly about ballet for children who dreamt of becoming ballerinas. These days, dance schools offer a range of classes in many dance styles, tailored to suit clients of any age. Ledbury Dance Company teaches a full curriculum for students wishing to take exams and qualify with renowned […]

  • REFLEX YOGA Yoga For Every Unique Person

    By Veronika Pena We are all so uniquely different, yet we follow the same pathways of development. From a tiny helpless being to an all-encompassing human power house, we are guided through complex development stages by our primitive reflex system. These reflexes get us from embryo to fetus, from womb to birth, from birth to […]

  • Getting BACK Into SHAPE AFTER Pregnancy

    By Clare Palmer The weeks following pregnancy and childbirth can be exciting and challenging at the same time, and many women feel pressure to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. Images of celebrities who appear to snap back into shape straight after giving birth can be intimidating and overwhelming, but new mums should not feel pressured to […]


    By Judith Davies Bach flower remedies, or essences, are extracts from fresh flowers, believed to have a positive effect on negative emotions. This alternative therapy has been used to support those with conditions ranging from anxiety and stress, to mood swings, excessive worrying and sleep problems. Dr. Edward Bach’s former work in the field of […]



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