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Beardsley’s Karate squad put on a stellar performance in Odense in Denmark, showing the results of their hard work, commitment and great sportsmanship

Odense in Denmark is known for being the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, and last autumn it proudly hosted the 11th WUKF European Karate Championships. Yet again, the World Union of Karate-Do Federation event lived up to its motto, ‘Together we can do the best Karate in the world’. It attracted over 1500 competitors from 24 nations, and one of the teams was Tom Beardsley’s squad from Hereford based Beardsley’s Karate School. 

The event was held over four days, 24th – 27th October 2019, and the squad from Beardsley’s Karate School had  six athletes taking part: Josh Dodwell, Charlotte Colbert, Leo and Sky McGuigan who were picked to represent Karate Wales, and Chris Rowan and Danielle Dunn who represented KKO England.

“To get our competitors to the event, the club held some fundraising events,” said coach Tom Beardsley. “We were  also sponsored by local businesses and parents who did a great job raising a total of £2500 towards the expenses.”

The local athletes performed well and were not overawed by the huge event. Commenting on his team’s excellent performance, coach Beardsley said: “Leo and Sky produced excellent displays reaching 5th place in their individual events, whilst Josh and Charlotte gained a Bronze medal in their fighting categories for Karate Wales. Chris and Danielle fought their way to Team Gold as well as Silver and Bronze in the individual fighting events. After the event, and with lessons learnt, they are now preparing for the WUKF World Championships which will be held in Poland in July 2020.”


Chris Rowan – Team Gold and Individual Bronze

Danielle Dunn  –  Team Gold and Individual Silver

Charlotte Colbert – Individual Bronze

Josh Dodwell – Individual Bronze

Leo and Sky McGuigan – 5th place in their Individual Kata events

For more details please contact coach Tom Beardsley.

BEARDSLEY’S SAMURAI KARATE SCHOOL, 38-40 Berrington Street, Hereford HR4 0BJ (Above Badd Dawgg’s Gym)  Tel: 07810 562 136 Facebook: @TomBeardsleysSamuraiKarateSchools  www.beardsleykarateschool.co.uk

Pictured above left to right: Josh Dodwell, Leo McGuigan, Coach Tom Beardsley, Sky McGuigan and Charlotte Colbert.

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