Enjoy Meat The Healthier Way

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High meat consumption has been blamed on a host of ailments but meat is a great source of protein, iron and B-vitamins. Follow these tips to make your meal a healthy one. Choose the best quality Lean cuts of grass-fed, locally produced meat are your best bet, and don’t be shy to ask your local […]

Where Does Your Protein Come From?

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Most people agree that fresh, locally grown food tastes great. Fresh tomatoes from a farmers’ market will have a better flavour than those  flown across the globe before they even ripened. A local farmer has roots in the area and it is in their interest to look after the land as well as their produce, […]

Did You Know? Joseph Pilates

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Joseph Pilates (1883 – 1967) suffered from rheumatic fever, rickets and asthma during his childhood. However, he was very determined to overcome his ill health and studied both Western and Eastern methods of exercise. Eventually he became so successful that due to his muscle definition he posed for anatomical drawing classes. He also became a […]

Paleo Diet

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Paleo diet refers to eating like our Paleolithic ancestors did, back when we lived in caves and our sole purpose day by day was just to survive! Eating wild plants, nuts and lean meat from wild animals was the norm, everything was organic and reared how nature intended, and modern foods like dairy products, grains […]

Calf Muscles Your ‘Second Heart’?

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A healthy heart is a strong and efficient muscle which pushes blood through the arteries to the brain, vital organs and muscles, bringing with it nutrients, oxygen and other substances vital for for energy, healing and many other processes. The body relies on the teamwork of heart and lungs and this is supported by the […]

Dead Leg

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Dead leg is a nickname for a haematoma (bruise) affecting the front or outer aspect of the thigh. This usually occurs as a result of a sharp impact, where the muscle is crushed against the underlying bone. Rugby and football are sports where dead legs commonly occur, due to contact with an opponent’s knee or […]

What Is Dynamic Power Yoga?

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Conversations about yoga sometimes evoke images of practitioners “tying themselves in knots”, while others may think of peaceful, relaxing positions designed to calm us down. Yoga has certainly been used to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, ease back pain and increase flexibility. But what you may not know is that yoga can also make […]

The True Cost Of Obesity

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Obesity, and its impact on health, is rarely out of the headlines these days. But if you think it’s something that only overweight people should be concerned about, think again – it’s predicted that 50 per cent of the UK population could be obese by 2050, with a cost just short of £50 billion a […]

6 Tips On Staying Pain-Free

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It is tougher to lose weight or reach your goals if your ability to move is limited by pain. Unfortunately, a lack of physical activity is causing the number of people suffering from musculoskeletal problems to skyrocket. That is why keeping our clients out of pain and injury-free is our number one goal. Prevention is […]