The Benefits of Pilates

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Practising Pilates regularly offers a host of benefits to our physical well-being. Here are some reasons why you should give it a go, especially as the exercises are simple enough to be practised by anyone, regardless their age or fitness level. Many exercises are also suitable for home work. Pilates lengthens short muscles, strengthens the […]

Are You Assessing or Guessing

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With most things in life, an assessment is carried out prior to undertaking a new venture. Why should exercise be any different? If we’re asking you to move, then the first thing we should do is assess how well you move and identify weaknesses in your movement. A thorough assessment, or movement screen, helps in […]

Cranial Osteopathy For Babies

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The Cranial Osteopathic approach uses very gentle techniques in which the Osteopath’s highly trained sense of touch is used to identify and correct disturbances and limitations of tissue mobility, not only in and around the joints of the skull, but throughout the body. It can help a wide range of patients, of any age.For babies, […]


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By Dr. Bruce Fraser Do you suffer from frequent headaches and rely on medication to reduce the pain?  If so, help is at hand. Most people endure a headache at some time in their life and it is one of the most common reasons for purchasing over-the-counter medication. The three major headache types are tension […]

Karate: For The Love Of It

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As a practising karateka, instructor and student I sometimes find myself caught up in establishing a reason for everything I do. Questioning what will be the outcome, the result, the perceived benefit, and whether it is for personal or professional reasons. I think we can get too focused on the reasons for what we do, […]

Bike Maintenance Checklist

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With a change in the seasons looming, most cyclists will be looking to up their training or get the bike out and return to commuting to work. Now is the time to address that maintenance checklist and ensure the bike performs safely and to its full potential. Brakes Check brake pads for excessive wear, as […]

Crossfit Bull Athletes Show Strength In Depth

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Just before Christmas a team of twelve CrossFit athletes from CrossFit Bull went head to head with 30 other CrossFit teams from across the UK and Europe at one of the biggest CrossFit team events held in the UK. They travelled to Bath University to compete in a two-day competition. The event required each team […]

Walk, Explore, Enjoy!

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By Dennis Downey Herefordshire offers walking opportunities ranging from the easiest rambles for new and novice walkers to more challenging mountain ascents for the more seasoned strider. We are very fortunate in Herefordshire –  on our doorstep we have 2100 miles of largely unspoilt and undiscovered footpaths (as many miles as the roads in the […]

How to Prepare For Powerlifting

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Powerlifting is the sport of strength – its roots are in the traditions of strength training going back as far as Greek and Roman times. The modern sport originated in the USA and the UK in the 1950s. Previously, the weightlifting governing bodies in both countries had recognised various ‘odd lifts’ for competition and record […]