Why STRESS Is An Integral Part Of GROWTH

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It is easy to think of stress in negative terms and try to eliminate it from our lives completely. Did you know that stress is necessary for us to become better, stronger and more resilient? Leading Performance & Sport Psychologist Dr. Mark Bellamy explains.  Understanding growth and development  Stress has become a bogey word, but actually a […]


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There are so many types of martial arts out there, with each instructor teaching differently with their own take on a variety of techniques. I often emphasise in my classes that nearly all styles have the same underlying principles, which are more important than the techniques. In my opinion, the essence of martial arts is […]

GRIEF: How Much More Life Can You Live?

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Grief, when it hits, is all consuming and one of the most painful experiences to endure. In my brother’s words when my Dad died nearly two years ago, it feels  ‘as if my insides are being ripped out’.  We survive things that we never feel we are going to survive, and we learn to cope […]

Hereford Sixth Form College: ELITE ATHLETE PROGRAMME

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2018 saw thirteen high performing student athletes join the College’s Elite Athlete Programme. Find out more about the programme and how it supports the students’ training on their road to outstanding achievements. Last years saw more high performing student athletes join the College’s Elite Athlete Programme.  Emily Archer | Equestrian (GB) Harriet Castle | Karate (England) Jo Chesworth Rickards | Waterpolo […]

FLEXERCISE: Flexible, Friendly Fitness

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Part EXERCISE, Part DANCE. All FUN! Let FLexercise Help You Achieve A New You This Year Stop local FLexercise teacher Clare Tugwell in the street, and she will always tell you about the benefits of exercise and her weekly FLexercise classes. “There is so much emphasis put on exercise and how it can help you but […]

HEREFORD HARRIERS Wheelchair Rugby Club Celebrating Silverware For An Unforgettable 2018 Season

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Hereford Harriers Wheelchair Rugby Club had a truly unforgettable 2018 campaign, claiming a historic treble of trophies. They finished top of the UK Championship League and remained undefeated in their very first season.  This means the Harriers are promoted to the 2019 Premiership Division. Teams in this league include the likes of Leeds Rhinos, Halifax […]


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Ben Harwood has trained elite athletes from a range of sports over the years, including football, rugby, swimming and athletics. Since May last year he has added off-horse training for elite athletes from the equine world.  GB dressage rider Lucy Pincus has competed internationally all the way from ponies to U25 Grand Prix and nationally at […]


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Here at Beardsley’s Karate School we strive to give the best possible experience to our students and parents alike. Established in 1974, over the years the club has helped thousands of local youngsters achieve their full potential and go on to great things.  Our instructors are of the highest quality and bring out the best […]