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By Anneke van Genderen

Healing is not the same as curing. Healing creates space for new things to happen in your life. Curing can be one of those things. And one day can make all the difference.

Rather than doing one hour sessions for weeks on end, we start in the morning and keep on going until we are done. It has been described as a deep dive healing day. The day will contain any or all of the things I have learned in order to get to the core of things, get the sting out and get you on your way again. You will be asked to answer some questions before the day. For the day itself you will be required to have an open mind and eagerness to change your current situation. Most probably you will also get homework at the end of the day.

Most clients, regardless of their level of physical fitness, report a good night sleep after a session. If you can, take the next day off work. First, to give you time to rest and let things sink in, and second, to get to grips with whatever your homework is. You will set at least one goal during the session. But you will most likely want to set more goals to aim for.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, do contact me. Computers and phones are not my strong point, but if you send me a text message by phone or via Signal or WhatsApp, I will get back to you.

What if you don’t do anything about your current situation? It will stay the way it is and it most probably will get worse. What if you do something about your current situation? (with me or someone else.) You will be working towards change. And if you choose the one-day session, change will be fast. Admittedly, it is not for the fainthearted…. But the end result will give you a choice. Freedom to choose. When you are stuck in life, choices are taken away from you. Once you are unstuck, you have the freedom to choose again.

My name is Anneke van Genderen. I am Dutch, so subtle is not my thing. I will tell you straight. I will use everything at my disposal to get you into a better shape mentally and physically. There is no time for long, drawn out stories. Not that I wouldn’t be interested in your stories, this just isn’t that kind of day.

After a degree in International Agricultural Trade and working in that field for several years, I got ill. Very ill. Once the doctors had done their thing, they had nothing more to offer, so I started looking at other options. And that is how an engineer came to the world of alternative healthcare. Sceptic doesn’t even start to cover it. But I had nothing to lose, other than my life. Which I thought was worth fighting for.

That was in 1999. Today I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy, as well as a Reiki Master and a Sports Massage Therapist, with a couple more modalities under my belt. 

As a coach and trainer I have worked with clients from all kinds of backgrounds: surgeons, funeral directors, accountants, soldiers, veterans, athletes, coaches, translators, farmers, photographers to name a few. People with office jobs, outdoor jobs, jobs that require mental strength and agility, jobs that require physical strength and agility.

“Thank you for helping me get to the root of the problem of my life. Here’s to a more positive future.” G. Cast

“First good night sleep in years.” Jack

“Thank you for helping me let go and find the love for myself.” Abigail

“A most interesting, enlightening and therapeutic session. I await the future with interest. Many thanks.” Jerry

“Thank you so much for releasing me and empowering me. With love and a hug.” Ciren

SILVER BULLET HEALING with Anneke van Genderen

Sessions at Clinics in Hereford & Harley Street, London. One day and three day sessions, as well as 1.5 hour slots or Camp Fire Chats if you prefer.  

Tel: 07748 459 575 

Email: annekeswork@gmail.com 

Facebook: Silver Bullet Healing


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