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Broadly speaking knee pain is an indication of injury (such as a ligament tear), inflammation, disease (such as osteoarthritis) or dislocation of the knee cap (patella). Knee pain can be triggered by other medical problems so a full medical examination should be carried out by a doctor.

In recent years there have been big advances in comfortable,  therapeutic knee supports, ranging from discreet compression therapy soft supports (which combine joint support with compression to promote healing and pain relief), to supports which reposition the patella. Then there is the new generation of post-operative, hi-tech braces which can be adjusted to work in conjunction with post-op therapies.

A hypermobile patella is a painful condition caused by, amongst other things, previous dislocation(s), a congenital (at birth) ligament laxity condition, or impaired proprioception (sense of what the muscles are doing). Patella hypermobility impacts significantly on day-to-day activity, affecting gait, co-ordination and stability. A specialist soft knee brace, which can be worn discretely under clothing, will reposition a maltracking patella whilst encouraging the thigh muscles to work in harmony to get the patella gliding correctly along the trochlear groove. The relief from pain allows you to carry on and enjoy life to the full once again.

A knee condition that affects many of us as we age is osteoarthritis (OA). Where the knee cartilage has worn away the bare bones rub together to cause discomfort and pain. This condition is normally associated with the over 50’s, when the body’s ability to repair itself decreases.

Several factors increase our risk of developing osteoarthritis, and these include previous injury and/or surgery, and genetic factors. This risk increases significantly if we carry excess body weight, therefore weight loss is key to managing the condition.

There has been a great deal of research and development on knee braces in recent years. A whole range of braces is now available to help keep us on the move and relieve the pain associated with OA. If an operation or actual knee replacement is appropriate there are plenty of knee brace options to get us back on our feet again as part of post-op care.


Tips to help you look after your knees:

• Stay active. Every extra kilo of body weight damages the knee.

•   Keep moving even if you are experiencing osteoarthritis pain. If you rest, you rust!

• Avoid alcohol and nicotine, both damage the knee joint cartilage.

• R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). If your knee pain occurs suddenly during activity (acute injury), use the recommended R.I.C.E. method to reduce swelling and pain.

• Seek medical advice and treatment as soon as possible if you do get an acute injury. A delay can often result in a longer  healing process or even a chronic problem.


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Andrea Omar is a keen runner and co-ordinates Marketing for CEP Sports UK, part of Medi UK Ltd, a global leader in medical and sportswear compression. Compression sportswear for triathlon, running and cycling is available online from www.cepsports.com
Medi UK Ltd, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0EL. Customer Services Tel: 01432 373 500 www.mediuk.co.uk

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    There really is no worse feeling than a painful knee, I’ve had a number of operations and can agree with the good advice here

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