ALICAWAY COMBAT KNIFE System Now At Dacayana Eskrima In Hereford

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By Joseph Dignam

The Alicaway Combat Knife System is founded on the experience and teachings of Grandmaster Alicaway, modernised through the addition of drills, non-lethal targeting and principles from GM Jun’s own Dacayana System. It also includes GM Jun Dacayana’s trademark flow and footwork.

The system is taught through a ‘weapons first’ approach before ‘empty hand’ techniques are introduced (just like with the Dacayana Eskrima), and it combines elements of knife fighting and Combat Judo found on the higher levels of the Dacayana Eskrima syllabus.

Combat Judo is the term used for empty hand defence against an untrained attacker, whereas knife fighting assumes both combatants have and are prepared to use a knife.

The modern adaptation includes non-lethal targeting as a priority, to protect the life of both the defender and attacker. However, by understanding the more lethal targeting of the Combat Judo form, we have a complete picture of the knife in combat.

Using contemporary targeting combined with the trademark form and flow of the Dacayana Knife System, this unique approach follows three main principles:

1. The overriding aim is to protect life.

2. Defender should use muscular and structural targets as the priority.

3. Defender should only use lethal targets as a last resort.

Did You Know?

The Alicaway Combat Knife system originated from the Island of Negros Occidental. It is named after Grandmaster Jun Dacayana’s Grandfather – Grandmaster Dalmacio ‘Insyong’ Alicaway, who served in the Philippine Police Bantok Regiment and the Anderson Guerillas who were charged with, and were successful in, hunting Japanese soldiers during their occupation of the Philippine Archipelago. The knife fighting techniques of Dalmacio’s style were key to him surviving the war. 

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