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By Stephan Grabner

The problem may not be where you think it is 

If you have pain in your knee, your knee obviously needs treatment. However, the cause of the problem may be elsewhere in your body. Consider this:

When we are in pain, we adapt to cope with what hurts. We move differently to reduce the soreness, and what started out as a shoulder problem for example, may also soon involve the neck as we try to cope with the pain. 

Amatsu physical therapy looks at the whole body, aiming to find out where the problems that affect our mobility, and that are causing pain, come from. The treatment starts by gently checking the balance of your pelvis, as it is the meeting point of your spine and your lower body, therefore any imbalance here can affect the whole body. 

Our pelvis is affected by bad posture, too little activity and exercise, but also by sitting with our legs crossed or carrying children on a hip. That is why even if you have knee pain, it is worth checking the alignment of your pelvis. 

Additionally, our feet, with their relatively small surface area carrying our body weight around all day, every day, play an important part in our wellbeing. Yet we take so little notice of them, we cram them into ill-fitting shoes, wear high heels and stand too long.  The big toe in particular is of utmost importance – if it loses its freedom to move, we start to walk differently to compensate, putting pressure on other joints higher up the body. 

Knee or hip pain may have started due to a foot problem or bad walking pattern, so big toes really matter!

Testing individual muscles is another part of Amatsu treatment. It is not actually about the strength of individual muscles, but more about the holistic view of a person’s body. Amatsu always looks at the bigger picture – your whole body, not just where it hurts.  Finding which other parts of the body are involved and how they are affecting your mobility goes a long way towards addressing the pain and its origin. 


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About Stephan

Stephan is a fully qualified Amatsu Therapist, having studied with Jane Langston at the award-winning Amatsu Training School near London. Originally a trained nurse, Stephan worked as an International Business Development Manager for a number of years, then decided to have a career change after his own personal experience of Amatsu  for his hip and knee problems. 

“I was amazed that these problems went after about three or four sessions. The gentleness and effectiveness of the treatment convinced me to train as practitioner,” says Stephan. 

Appointments are available at Stephan’s clinic at Chave & Jackson Therapy Centre in Broad Street, Hereford, or in Cardiff (Pearl Street) or Abergavenny (Monmouth Road). 

Tel: 07710 285 104 


Facebook: amatsucentre


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