ANYTIME FITNESS: Introducing JAMES FRY, The gym member who lost weight and gained his life back.

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“I knew it was time for a change when I was in a hospital bed fighting for my life”.

My Anytime Story

“Years of alcoholism had left me broken and I ended up in hospital after vomiting blood. I was around 120 kg, slimmed down from the 130 kg I had been previously. My resting heart rate was rarely below 100 and my cholesterol was 21! In fear of death I decided to stop drinking forever and I also started a fitness regime. 

“Whilst still in hospital, I began entering my meals into a fitness app and it all went from there. In those early days, the doctor’s orders were to only walk, but soon I was in the gym at Anytime Fitness and making strides. I’d been fat all my life, so the day I first saw my abs was one of the most surreal days of my life, and it filled me with pride.”

Pictured: James Fry, before and after his weight loss. 

My Results

“I’ve gone from 130 kg at my heaviest to 79.8 kg at my lightest. I’ve not drunk a drop of alcohol in two years and 10 months, and I’ve not exactly had a free ride since I got sober. I lost both of my parents last year. My father to the same addiction I overcame, and my mother to cancer. I cared for my mother during the last months of her life and that remains the greatest honour of my life. 

“My work now involves helping others overcome the problems with addictions that I once faced, and that fills me with an enormous sense of pride. I have done various things for charity − I walked 21 miles for Meningitis , and skydived for an addiction charity. My life is an achievement, the very fact I have one!”

Pictured: James Fry, before and after his weight loss. 

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