Are You Sitting Comfortably? Well, Don’t! Try FLEXERCISE: The Importance Of STRETCHING

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“Our daily lives are not always kind to our bodies,” says Flexercise teacher Clare Tugwell. “We spend much of our time with our joints held in flexion – sitting at the computer, driving, relaxing on soft comfy sofas in the  evening.  These activities are fine as long as we remember to devote some time to redressing the balance by stretching.”

This is where Flexercise classes are so valuable. Teachers are trained in the Bagot Stack system of exercise, which promotes good posture, encourages joint mobility and develops muscle strength. All classes start with movements designed to warm the muscles, making it safe to go on to exercise. Stretching movements are important to keep joints supple and keep the body moving. 

Together with strengthening activities, they ensure good posture. Flexercise classes provide an excellent balance of the two, so why not come along and join one of the classes ? You will see and feel the benefits for yourself.

Clare develops sequences of movements that strengthen, stretch and mobilise the body in a low impact way. “We carry out the stretching movements in a controlled manner with no forcing or jerking,” Clare reassures. It is also important to pay attention to posture whilst stretching, and Clare will gently guide those who are new to the class.

Flexercise classes contain a mix of traditional exercises and dance moves, and they are a lot of fun − the social element is an important factor that keeps the ladies coming back week after week. The average age in a Flexercise class is 60, so the intensity is light to medium, and the use of simple equipment allows each participant to challenge themselves a little more if they wish to do so.  

Classes are held at the following venues:

The Bridges Community Centre in Monmouth on Tuesdays at 11am and The Larruperz Centre in Ross-on-Wye on Thursdays at 10am.  Please call Clare on 01981 510 104 for more information and to book your place.

Clare Tugwell is a fully qualified Flexercise instructor, teaching since 1995.

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