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Have you been told not to exercise or do certain things, following a diagnosis of arthritis or other inflammatory or degenerative conditions? There are other forms of exercise you can do, and achieve a better quality of life – the key is not to let the diagnosis label you. By Ady Watts When I was […]


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By Ady Watts When looking to get out of back pain, it’s important to consider a host of issues. From my experience, we tend to get too focussed on the actual injury diagnosis and not on what movement, posture or loading habit is causing it. So, how can we fix back pain if we don’t […]

Personal Trainer ADY WATTS EXPANDS His Business With Second GYM

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Successful Herefordshire based personal trainer Ady Watts, who is the owner of an innovative fitness facility at Rotherwas, is expanding with the opening of a second facility at Hereford FC’s Edgar Street stadium, in close proximity to the Old Market retail development in the city centre. Ady tells us that in addition to publicly and […]

5 Training Steps to a Healthy, String Back

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Here’s a simple five step process that we use with our clients to achieve success. Grooving the Movement If you keep injuring your back lifting, then it is the lifting technique that needs fixing, not your back. We don’t focus on your back or injury; we focus on gaining good quality movement  – this is  […]

Find The Cause Of Your Injury Woes

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If you have lower back or knee pain, there’s a likelihood that the injury wasn’t actually caused by the joint itself but rather by a restriction in the joint either above or below. Therefore the long term treatment for the injury should be focussed on addressing the cause of the issue rather than just looking […]

Are You Assessing or Guessing

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With most things in life, an assessment is carried out prior to undertaking a new venture. Why should exercise be any different? If we’re asking you to move, then the first thing we should do is assess how well you move and identify weaknesses in your movement. A thorough assessment, or movement screen, helps in […]

6 Tips On Staying Pain-Free

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It is tougher to lose weight or reach your goals if your ability to move is limited by pain. Unfortunately, a lack of physical activity is causing the number of people suffering from musculoskeletal problems to skyrocket. That is why keeping our clients out of pain and injury-free is our number one goal. Prevention is […]