Calf Muscles Your ‘Second Heart’?

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A healthy heart is a strong and efficient muscle which pushes blood through the arteries to the brain, vital organs and muscles, bringing with it nutrients, oxygen and other substances vital for for energy, healing and many other processes. The body relies on the teamwork of heart and lungs and this is supported by the […]

Understanding Muscle Cramps

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Muscle cramps, those sudden, intensely painful muscle contractions are experienced by almost everyone at some point, whether they are a super-fit athlete or a new starter on an exercise programme. The exact causes of cramps are not completely understood, however sports medicine experts widely accept that tired muscles and dehydration are key contributing factors. Muscle […]

More Energy, Less Tiredness – Yes please!

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Good circulation is a cornerstone of health and energy in daily living. Getting out of work at lunch time for a brisk 20 minute walk makes us feel fresher, more energetic and more alert because the heart rate increases as we move and blood circulation speeds up. Oxygenated blood is reaching our muscles and energy […]

About Knee Pain

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Broadly speaking knee pain is an indication of injury (such as a ligament tear), inflammation, disease (such as osteoarthritis) or dislocation of the knee cap (patella). Knee pain can be triggered by other medical problems so a full medical examination should be carried out by a doctor. In recent years there have been big advances […]