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Sleep is incredibly important for our health and body composition. In fact, the obesity curves in the western world match the sleep deprivation curves. A lack of sleep, especially if it is chronic, can disrupt a number of hormones in our body. It can also increase inflammation, aggravate other conditions and results in deteriorating health. […]

What is Bioprint?

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  BioPrint is the latest and greatest way to accurately measure your body fat percentage and to identify poorly managed hormones that could be causing fat gain or slowing your progress. It is an individualised approach based on 35 years of empirical evidence and research by internationally renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin. The method involves […]

Summer Training Tips

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Are you ready for the summer beach holidays, brimming with self-confidence? Here are some tips on maximising your training results. Resistance Training Complete multi-joint compound exercises such as squats, step ups, deadlifts, press ups and chin ups. Training with a high volume, heavy weight and a short rest period promotes muscle tone and secretes the […]

How to Prepare For Powerlifting

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Powerlifting is the sport of strength – its roots are in the traditions of strength training going back as far as Greek and Roman times. The modern sport originated in the USA and the UK in the 1950s. Previously, the weightlifting governing bodies in both countries had recognised various ‘odd lifts’ for competition and record […]

Paleo Diet

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Paleo diet refers to eating like our Paleolithic ancestors did, back when we lived in caves and our sole purpose day by day was just to survive! Eating wild plants, nuts and lean meat from wild animals was the norm, everything was organic and reared how nature intended, and modern foods like dairy products, grains […]