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Here at Beardsley’s Karate School we strive to give the best possible experience to our students and parents alike. Established in 1974, over the years the club has helped thousands of local youngsters achieve their full potential and go on to great things. 

Our instructors are of the highest quality and bring out the best in every student. The training as well as being great fun, helps develop concentration and self determination.

Give your child a great start in life. 

Pay us a visit and enjoy the experience of a professionally designed karate centre with a great atmosphere. 

Last year the club had a fantastic season, producing two World Karate Champions and two Welsh Karate Champions, and to top it off, five new Black belts. 

This year we have exciting times ahead with trips to Slovakia and Denmark, and visits from international instructors as far afield as Australia and Japan.

Tom Beardsley is Chief Instructor and Head Coach of Beardsley’s Karate School. Studying Martial Arts since 1972, Tom has had a very successful career as a competitor and has brought a quality and continuity to the programmes delivered in this school. He continues to produce World beating students who are achieving success in all areas of their lives. So come along to the club and unlock your child’s full potential. 

For a full list of classes, details of locations and the latest club news, visit the website or Facebook page. 

Tel: 07810 562 136   Facebook: Beardsley’s Martial Arts

Last year the club had a fantastic season

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