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Within a week of its installation, Boditrax attracted hundreds of Halo members keen to check up on their progress. The word spread fast and new members started joining Halo to see for themselves. So how does Boditrax work?

Pictured above: Halo Boditrax users – instructor Claire, gym member Nigel W., and staff member Jade. 

Within a week of its installation, Boditrax attracted hundreds of Halo members keen to check up on their progress. The word spread fast and new members started joining Halo to see for themselves. So how does Boditrax work?

Think of it as an advanced form of body monitoring that gives you much more than your weight and body fat reading. After creating a login, you simply step on the machine and hold on to the handles, then a few seconds later the statistics appear, showing your weight, body fat mass, muscle mass and body water, but also the much-talked-about visceral fat*. You will also find out your metabolic rate and more crucially, your metabolic age**.

Knowledgeable and very enthusiastic instructors are on hand to help with the set up, measurements and the correct interpretation of the results. Nathan James, who works at Hereford Leisure Centre as a full time gym instructor, advises to use Boditrax once a week to log in your data, and assess your results once a month. The information you glean will help you change your training routine and most likely motivate you to improve your diet too.

A very interesting and unique aspect of Boditrax is its ability to measure and compare your right and left side muscle mass. If the difference between the two sides is greater than 0.4 kg for the upper body and 0.7 kg for the legs, then this lack of symmetry in muscle mass can be translated into a potential lack of stability, explains Nathan. This difference in strength can also provide some answers about why your knee or back may be hurting, so you can address the difference with physiotherapy and targeted exercises to restore balance.

49-year old Nigel, who has been a member at Halo for three weeks, said: “I found Boditrax very easy to use. I think it’s a great way to check my progress and increasing my level of fitness. It motivates me to go to the gym as I’d like my fat and weight graphs to head in a downward direction. I was quite surprised I had so much fat content. I had already lost a lot of fat through cycling 4 inches off my waist and joined the gym to get fitter. This has definitely motivated me to keep going.”

*VISCERAL FAT is the fat in the internal abdominal cavity, surrounding the vital organs in the trunk (abdominal) area. Research shows that even if your weight and body fat remains constant, as you get older the distribution of fat changes and is more likely to shift to the trunk area. Ensuring you have healthy levels of visceral fat may reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and the onset of type 2 diabetes. 


If your BMR Age is higher than your actual age, it is an indication that you need to improve your metabolic rate. Increasing the amount you exercise will build healthy muscle tissue, which will improve your metabolic age. 

BMR is the minimum level of energy your body needs when at rest for it to function effectively. Including your respiratory and circulatory organs, neural system, liver, kidneys and other vital organs.


The actual weight of the fat in your body. Body fat is vital to your basic bodily functions such as regulating body temperature, storing vitamins and cushioning joints. However, too much fat can also damage your health. Reducing excess body fat levels will reduce the risk of certain medical conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Boditrax offers every Halo member a way to track their progress and make sure they are reaching their goals. You can keep track of your body statistics, access your account from your phone via an app, and boost your health at the same time.

If you would like to find out what you are made of, why not stop by at Hereford Leisure Centre and see for yourself?

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