Chemical-Free Cleaning? Using Only Fibres And Water? CLEANER ENVIRONMENT Starts At HOME

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Would you like to use fewer chemicals in your home? How about none at all? ENJO advanced cleaning fibres offer a chemical free solution to cleaning your home, using only cold water, and you still get a six times better result than with conventional cleaning methods. 

How does ENJO work? 

The ultra-fine ENJOtex Fibres lift bacteria from the surface. By drying the clean, bacteria-free surface with the super-absorbent ENJO Miracle, you’ll prevent bacteria growing – they don’t grow well on clean, dry surfaces. The fibres absorb dirt and release it again when washed in hot water. 

It goes without saying that this innovative technology has firm science behind it. For 25 years and across many happy households, ENJO have been challenging the cleaning convention by removing chemicals with the latest technology, proving that cleanliness needs no chemicals. 

Not only can you clear out all those bottles from under the sink, you can feel good about the fact that cleaning with ENJO protects our environment and personal health, not to mention our wallets. Say goodbye to cupboards full of harsh chemicals – ENJO is modern, environmentally friendly technology trumping chemistry.

Sustainable, environmentally and wallet-friendly

Reusable ENJO fibres last a minimum of three years and at the end of their life are sent back to the head office where they are recycled and turned into insulation, car seat fillers and agricultural sheets. 

This is what makes ENJO eco-friendly and carbon neutral, and a winner of numerous sustainability awards, the latest of which is the Sustainability Award Winner 2019. 

“I have to say, my husband and I were seriously sceptical abut Enjo. I mean really; only water and cloths whatever!! This was us. I now hang my head in shame. I have EVERY zone for my house and also for my business (we own a gym). The gym floor has NEVER looked so good. The mop is AMAZING! The gym showers are regularly used and the Enjo product works a treat. We have a window cleaning ENJO device too, a bit like a squeegee that the bathroom cloth goes over it makes my life so much easier! Cleaning six showers numerous times a day was not easy, but Enjo really has helped.

“I’ve just moved into an old house that is needing a bit of TLC. My cloths are working a treat and the shine that I have on my bath and basin are so much better than they were. It’ll take a while to get it looking amazing, but I’ve started.

“I still have to try the face cloths but they’re next on my list. I’m at “that age” where a clean house is more important to me than a made up face. So, if you’re thinking it sounds a bit far fetched that water and cloths are so good, please believe me when I say that these sceptics have changed! We are also doing our bit for the environment as I haven’t bought plastic bleach bottles for ages now.”

For products and a FREE CONSULTATION please contact Hannah Lister. 

Email:  Facebook: Cleaner Living with Enjo – Hannah’s VIP Group  Tel: 07916 811 706

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