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By Matt Hudd

Some people seem to have oodles of confidence, whilst others lack it in everything they do. Then there are those  who appear confident on the outside, yet deep down it’s a different story. 

A lot of it stems from our upbringing and past experiences. A single derogatory comment at a young age can sink in to our subconscious mind and become our ‘truth’. Once the damage has been done and we have set up a belief system based on low self-worth, even if someone pays us a compliment, we don’t believe it. I can certainly relate to this – I never used to be good at receiving compliments and even now have to work on my response to being praised.  

After a recent Ladies Only class one of the participants said that it was the best workout she’d ever had. Another lady said how the Tai Chi classes have changed her life, and a new student described how much better she felt after the class compared to her past experience elsewhere. Thanks to my job I get to see the positive outcomes of my work with others, the lives I have changed, so when this sort of thing happens on a regular basis, it gets easier to accept a compliment and say thank you. 

When it comes to confidence, “fake it ’til you make it”  is what I’d done for years. It works because you do get better at whatever you keep practising, and your subconscious mind is working on imprinting what you are doing so eventually you do get good at it. It’s what I am saying all the time in my classes, mindset is everything. 

Think about something you are good at. Now look back to the time well before that. How did success happen? You probably started out with taking small steps, practised, learnt from your mistakes, and didn’t give up.  

Becoming confident takes repetition. It helps if you have a passion for whatever you want to be confident in, but sometimes we have to get good at the things we’re not passionate about, and this is when people get scared and choose to stay in the comfort zone. 

The many jobs I’ve had, together with my own training in martial arts have taught me that the more things we become good at, the more we can transfer those skills to other areas of life. This is why some people ooze confidence. 

Martial arts teach many different skills that can translate to other areas of life, and a good instructor or coach helps their students progress through the grades. Once our students have gone through the foundation phase, where appropriate we encourage them to help the lower grades. This in turn increases their own knowledge, and later they can join our leadership programme if they wish.

There are many formats to martial arts training, and we have forms that students need to memorise, but children have many  different learning styles and having awareness of how we learn is important if we want to progress in life. 

On some occasions confidence can get mixed up with arrogance. Among the skills taught in our classes are the etiquette of the martial arts, respect, patience, self-discipline, perseverance and integrity – all important for children’s future lives. These values ensure that children remain level-headed and become good citizens in our community. There is so much more to martial arts training than just punching and kicking!

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