From Buggyfit To BeneFiT Training Bootcamps Across Herefordshire Parks

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Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise class devised for postnatal mums – babies are brought along in the pram or buggy. After having a baby, life appears to take up all your time with ‘baby activities’ and clinic visits. However, studies show that taking time out for yourself, especially to exercise, is beneficial not only for your fitness levels but mental state too, by relieving stress and improving stamina, making for a happier mum and baby. Exercising with like-minded women enables you to make new friends too.

The social and mental benefits are of course not the only focus at a Buggyfit class. All Buggyfit trainers are fully qualified and insured fitness professionals who understand what a new mum’s body has been through and what training is needed at each postnatal stage. This ensures each mum gets an appropriate workout to suit her fitness level, be it back-to-fitness from a fit pre-pregnancy, or starting from scratch.

Buggyfit classes incorporate cardiovascular and fat-burning exercises with strength training and toning, concentrating on the specific areas that need work after childbirth. This mix produces maximum results for each class member, as it not only tones those problem areas but helps raise the metabolic rate and aids with weight loss too.

Ben Harwood (BeneFiT Training) has secured the franchise for Buggyfit across Herefordshire and will be introducing the classes at local venues very soon. So what prompted the father of two to take on this new class?

“When my daughter Lyla was born last September, it became obvious within weeks of Lyla’s birth that my fiancé Jenna was becoming all consumed in the baby bubble,” Ben says. Even though Jenna was desperate to get back to her training and meeting friends at her spin classes at Fullcycle Studio, feeding, arranging childcare, the cost of this and the detachment from Lyla, meant that the new mum was not able to address her post-natal development as she had hoped to.

“Straight away I felt the need to help, and looked into the opportunities across Herefordshire. I wanted to help Jenna get back into her fitness routine safely and with more ease, and I realised that if she was able to take Lyla as well, this would break down the many barriers that she and other new mums face, sometimes even three years after having a baby.”

It is important to stress that Buggyfit is not running with buggies so there is no need to buy a brand new buggy to attend. Exercise takes place alongside the buggy, not by using the buggy as a fitness tool.

Ben is currently looking at indoor and outdoor venues with car parking and refreshment facilities so that the participants can socialise after the sessions.

“Buggyfit is not just for mums,” Ben adds, “men are welcome to take part too!” Dads, partners and grandparents and siblings are all welcome to come along – there is no additional charge for companions.

Buggyfit classes are £6.00 per session or £50.00 for a block of 10. BeneFiT Training Bootcamps also coming soon to venues across Herefordshire.

Ben Harwood’s Buggyfit Workout

The Times called it “the ultimate fitness class for mums and babies”. As Ben Harwood launches Buggyfit across Herefordshire, we bring you a little taster to try out next time you visit your local park.



Brisk walk warm-up
Maintain raised speed for 5-10 minutes to activate muscles and mobilise the joints. If possible, add hill climbs to increase the heart rate.

Note: Please make sure to consult your doctor for clearance prior to starting an exercise programme.

Tree Squat
Lean against a tree as shown, with feet turned slightly out and hip-width apart. Aim for hips and knees bent at a 90° angle.
Hold the position keeping your shoulders back and in contact with the tree. Look ahead and extend the arms level with shoulders.

Park bench triceps dips
With hands on the edge of the bench, fingers facing forward, keep your lower back close to the edge of the bench, and your trunk in a neutral position. Bend the elbows to 90°, then straighten again to return to starting position.

TIP: Keep your feet closer and knees bent to make the dip easier, or extend the legs in front of you to make the exercise more advanced.

Band pistons
Partner up and hold the ends of the stretch bands as shown. Shorten the length for added resistance.

Maintaining a half squat position, with your back straight, work with your partner flexing and extending your arms. Add speed and power to test your partner’s endurance.

Overhead Lat Stretch & Static Front Raise
Partner up, so that one person is sitting on a bench and one is standing behind them. The seated partner – raise the band overhead and hold it shoulder width. The standing partner – hold the band at shoulder height. As the seated partner stretches the band overhead, the standing partner aims to maintain their static front raise, working the shoulders. Both partners should aim to keep their shoulders down and their back straight.

Note: Perform all the exercises in a controlled manner, keeping good form throughout.
Mix the order of exercises if you like, to create different workouts as you progress.

Ben Harwood is a personal trainer specialising in strength & conditioning. 

For more information about Buggyfit, Bootcamps, Personal Training, Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Weight Management, please contact Ben directly.

Tel: 07970 465 703
Email: or
Facebook: ‘Benefit Training’ or ‘Buggyfit Hereford’

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