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By Dr. Jaye Jelley (GDC 6280)

How long do your dental check-ups take? Are you in and out within five minutes, confused by all the jargon, with little explanation? Patients are often surprised when they book in for a new patient exam at The Dentist and find out it lasts an hour. They are even more surprised when they leave knowing almost everything that is going on in their mouth, as well as how to achieve and maintain good oral health at home.

One patient described her journey from when she first sat in the chair at The Dentist and was given all the tools and knowledge behind good oral health, to a month later when she returned for a review to see how she was getting on. Here is her story in her own words:

“After a thorough new patient examination with Dr. Jelley, I came away with more knowledge about dental health than I had ever had before… I had never been shown my X-rays and photos of the inside of my mouth and told what I need to be doing in order to improve the health of my mouth, especially my gums. It turned out that my gums are inflamed, a sure sign of gum disease.

“Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?” Dr. Jelley asked me. “No,” I confidently replied.

“That’s because you are not actually cleaning your gums,” Dr. Jelley continued. “As adults, we should really be focusing on cleaning gums.” Who knew? This was the first I had heard… One previous dentist had told me to steer clear of brushing my gums as they were receding too much at the front.

Dr. Jelley showed me what I needed to do using the small interdental brushes that go between the teeth. Even gentle brushing caused immediate bleeding, which although didn’t hurt too much, didn’t look all that pleasant either.

I was told that I needed to do this twice a day and come back for a review in three weeks, so off I went, determined I was going to fix this problem.

There were a number of obstacles I had to overcome. The first night, it was gone 10pm by the time I was home and all I wanted to do was go to bed. “I’ll start tomorrow,” I thought. Of course, tomorrow came and I was out of the door at 6am. This is half the reason I am in this position –I simply don’t spend enough time looking after myself. Then came the battle of actually using the interdental brushes. Armed with a variety of colours and circumferences, I eventually got them through and sure enough, the blood came shortly after, as well as tenderness over the next few days.

Using these brushes and my sparkly new toothbrush made my mouth feel amazing, and this was the encouragement I needed. I persevered, the bleeding soon stopped, it became easier and I progressed to bigger brushes as the inflammation went down. The review soon came around and Dr. Jelley was astounded with the improvement which just spurred me on to continue my journey! Of course, there are days I haven’t used the interdental brushes, but I am determined to make this a change for life.”

Dr. Jelley’s 3 Steps To Perfect Gum Health Between The Teeth:

1. Push the interdental brush into the gap between teeth, in a parallel direction with the teeth.

2. Move the brush back and forth to clean the debris.

3. Wash the brush after each use and keep it in a cool, dry place. Replace when the wire bends or the bristles start to fray.

Interested in starting your journey? Call The Dentist @ Tupsley today. Dr. Jaye Jelley and her team at the clinic offer a full range of dental treatments, including oral surgery.

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