Gareth Bennett On The Benefits Of Small Group Personal Training

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Training with a personal trainer can help you reach your health and fitness related goals faster, because of the motivation and support the coaching provides. Additionally, you’ll receive guidance on nutrition, and your improved exercise technique will translate into better performance. Staying on track with exercise brings benefits such as:

• Changing body composition (reduced body fat and increased muscle mass),
• Better posture and mobility,
• Reduced risk of injury /illness,
• More energy,
• Enhanced sport performance.

But have you considered the benefits of having Small Group Personal Training? These include:

• Training with friends
Spending time with your friends is enjoyable, so why not combine your training sessions with your social life? You will achieve your fitness related goals with your mates, or while bonding with work colleagues, or even better, making new friends!

• Dynamic approach of an exercise class, but with more one-to-one attention and support
Joining a group exercise class such as Body Pump or Circuits is a great way towards success in reaching your goals, but the downside of a very popular class can be a large amount of people for the instructor to coach. If there are 30+ enthusiastic participants to motivate in a class, your actual one-to-one time is very limited. If you need that extra support for your technique or more training advice, then your needs may get a little lost in the crowd. Small group personal training usually has only 2 to 6 participants, so everyone gets more attention, including more personalised advice on nutrition and lifestyle.

• Reduced cost
Nothing beats the bespoke service, 100 per cent attention and the results you get from a one-to-one session with an experienced personal trainer. However, if your personal budget doesn’t allow for regular one-to-one sessions, small group training is your next best thing. It is a great way to achieve what you are aiming for, yet at a reduced cost of the sessions.



Gareth Bennett runs Small Group Personal Training sessions at Barbelle Fitness, the premier personal training studio on Blackfriars Street in Hereford. Collaborating with a number of Hereford’s top personal trainers (pictured top right), including Tom Powell (the owner of Barbelle Fitness), Ruby Hunter (the Crossfit Queen) and Ross Powell (the Yoga Master) means that you will receive first class coaching and support.

Please contact Gareth for more information.
Tel: 07429 132 276

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