GET ‘WEDDING READY’ At The Studio Hereford Featuring Samantha Wellings & Beth Jones-Davies

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By Ben Harwood

Wedding plans are in full swing, you are seriously busy with all the important decisions to be made, and you couldn’t be happier! You’ve said yes to the dress (and your bridal party has said yes to theirs), and you’re sampling the menu, picking out floral arrangements and finalising the ever-growing guest list. By the time your wedding is six months away, you may be thinking about a pre-wedding nutritional plan and a strict exercise regime leading up to the big day. 

Every bride’s body type and fitness goals are different – some brides may be looking to lose weight, others may be wanting to tone or sculpt their bodies to fit into the all important dress. Either way, you will need a structured plan in place so that you can switch up your workouts and increase the difficulty over an extended period of time to look your very best. At The Studio we can help you get ‘wedding ready’. 

Bride-to-be Samantha Wellings and her sister Beth Jones-Davies (pictured opposite) were looking for exactly this from their training at The Studio and they worked extremely hard to achieve fantastic results to look their very best for Sam’s wedding in July. 

The sisters started on their wedding-prep journey back in September 2018 with twice weekly personal training sessions. They have both made positive changes to their nutrition choices and have focused more on trying to get better sleep and less stress. 

The results for both of them have been impressive – together they have lost several inches from their target areas and reduced body fat by 10 per cent. 

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Wellings, and well done Sam and Beth for looking amazing on the day. All the hard work over nine months has noticeably paid off.

Ben Harwood’s tips to help you get ‘wedding ready’: 

1. Recruit a wedding workout buddy

Just like Sam and Beth did, work out with a friend/family member to help you stay motivated. It adds healthy competition, which will help you push yourself a bit harder.

2. Keep track of your efforts to get fit and look your best on your wedding day

At The Studio we keep a record of your workouts and body composition results to help you stay motivated. Book your wedding workouts in your diary – treat your PT sessions as meetings that cannot be missed, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your regime.

3. Mix it up

If you get bored easily, it’s important to vary your training methods. This will not only make sure you keep challenging your body, it will also prevent boredom when trying to get fit for your wedding. Personal training will mean your trainer takes control and selects the most appropriate methods to accelerate your results.

4. Tighten up your habits 

The best way to reduce body fat and get fit for your wedding day is by following a good diet and exercise programme. Transform your body shape by incorporating resistance training into your regime. Be stricter with your food and drink choices, aim to get more sleep and time for relaxation. This will reduce your stress levels, increase your energy and productivity, which will help with the wedding planning.

Whatever your training goal or motivation – occasion, event or sport specific, we have experienced personal trainers at The Studio to show you the way. 

Pictured: Bride Samantha Wellings with her sister Beth Jones-Davies. Photography courtesy of Steven Parry Photography. 

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