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Everybody seems to want straight white teeth. Do you?

By Dr. Jaye Jelley (GDC 6280)

Have you spent hours in the gym and a fortune on a membership to get the perfect body? Well, what about investing in having the perfect smile to match?  Studies show that a good smile can transform someone inside and out, as those who have straight white teeth tend to come across as more confident. 47% of people said that the first thing they notice about somebody is their smile, and 61% of us have been attracted to someone just by their smile alone!

Straight Teeth

There are a number of benefits to having your teeth straightened. Not only does it actively change your appearance, it also gives you a confidence boost – when you have a lovely smile, you want to show it off. You begin to laugh and smile more on a daily basis, which releases endorphins, the chemicals responsible for making you feel happier!

There are also the benefits to your teeth and gums. Often when teeth are overcrowded and unevenly spaced, it can lead to gum irritation, rawness and potential bone loss. Straight teeth allow for an even bite, preventing damage to your teeth. It also makes teeth easier to clean, as surfaces won’t be tucked away. Areas that are hidden away can gather bacteria, and if not cleaned away effectively, they can cause tooth decay.

Many people choose not to have braces as they feel embarrassed about having brackets on their teeth, but invisible braces are now available. Patients are fitted with a set of clear removable aligners, worn by the patient for 22 hours a day, only being removed to eat, drink and clean teeth.

The aligners are worn for 1 to 2 weeks at a time, then replaced with the next one. The number of aligners vary from person to person, depending on the complexity of the treatment needed to straighten their teeth.

If it is a minor movement of a single arch, treatment could be completed in as little as 3 to 6 months. Invisible braces are a favoured alternative to fixed braces as they are even more aesthetically pleasing than ceramic braces. A number of famous people have these as they are virtually invisible.

White Teeth 

Think you would like whitening? There are a number of options available. You may have seen DIY home kits on the internet – those can be hazardous. You may also be aware of beauty salons offering whitening services, but this is illegal if there is no dental professional present. Incorrect use of whitening products can cause irreversible loss of tooth structure, heightened tooth sensitivity, pain, altered tastes and chemical burns to the soft tissues in the mouth, particularly if there is decay present. DIY home kits are not as effective as whitening prescribed by your dentist, as you may be required to create your own whitening mould, which may be a poor fit and allow bleaching gel to seep out onto your gums. It is vital that you make sure your teeth have no decay before you have any whitening treatment, so a full dental check-up is advised.

Types of Whitening

• In surgery whitening – Zoom! 1-hour treatment

• Take home whitening trays – generally takes 2 weeks to complete

• Whitening Strips – these work best when used as whitening maintenance and top ups. The process involves placing a gel whitening strip over the teeth for 60 minutes at home over a two-week period.

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