GRIEF: How Much More Life Can You Live?

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Grief, when it hits, is all consuming and one of the most painful experiences to endure. In my brother’s words when my Dad died nearly two years ago, it feels  ‘as if my insides are being ripped out’.  We survive things that we never feel we are going to survive, and we learn to cope with the most intense of feelings some events bring us.  

By Julie Goodridge

In my practice I often work with people who are still grieving a member of their family many years after their passing. Tears are shed as they realise just how much holding on is happening and how this may be impacting their life right now. Of course we will always hold a special place for the person, but when my father died two years ago, I realised that if I was going to continue working as a healer and helping people, I needed to work through my grief. I had developed a chronic back pain in the run up to my Dad’s death, I had been coping with an unwell daughter as well as the ups and inevitable downs that the illness brings. I recognised that I needed some help. 

I took six months off, entered into a grief counselling programme and enlisted the services of a gifted osteopath who helped me release the emotional pain  held in my back – that was where I was packing all my grief, which was then expressed as physical pain. I regularly worked on myself (and still do) but I knew that if I was to work through my grief, I needed help to get to it. Voluntarily ‘sitting’ in your deepest grief takes a bit of doing. Being able to accept help from another human being is a wonderful gift we can give ourselves. If we cannot honour ourselves at the highest level then how can we be there for others and remain strong? Sometimes we need another person to create a safe space for us so that we can feel safe to let go of emotions we have been holding on to. 

We may feel guilty about letting go of grief or asking for help. The grieving person can feel that they somehow have a duty to grieve for years and years. Each case is unique, of course, but in terms of living a life to its fullest potential – living as much life as you can – surely our loved ones would want that for us? What does that even mean?   

Packing as much activity as possible into each day? Being in the moment every second of every day? For me it’s about being comfortable and free in my own skin. Releasing blockages on an energetic level brings more freedom and fluidity, which then translates into discovering more about who you really are or deepening that experience of you. It is also about being grateful every day for this amazing life we have been given. It is amazing, and that sense can get lost in ‘stuff’. 

We are all naturally beings of love, and allowing ourselves to experience more ‘internal’  space is part of a fascinating journey.  There is always more, and if we think of the law of attraction, changing ourselves by changing our energy means that life can deliver even more to us. 

Heart Healing can bring about transformation by helping release grief and breaking patterns of behaviour we get into. It restores a sense of clarity and a knowing of what is right for us.   

As for my own grief? I miss my Dad hugely but when I think of him now, which I do daily, more often than not it’s with a smile and gratitude that he was as sensitive a human being as he was.  

“I have had one session of Heart Healing with Julie so far and it has been a positive and profound experience of deep healing over the last month or so. The healing process has brought the old and misaligned to the surface where with a new and invigorated flow of energy from the healing session my body has been able to process and release this, leaving me feeling so much lighter in mind and spirit. It hasn’t been easy processing certain ‘baggage’ that has been hidden away and stored in my body but it has no doubt been weighing my heart down for too long. There has been quite a shift and my emotions and energy now flow so much easier, I feel lighter, brighter and energised. I look forward to my next session and the workshop in January.”  Rosie, Hereford

Julie Goodridge (MSc.) runs regular workshops, group sessions and lunchtime meditation that help the participants  create a deeply peaceful and nurturing space. One-to-one sessions and distance healing can also be arranged. Please get in touch for more information about the next workshop or to book a private session. 

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