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2018 is the Year of Engineering, and everyone is going to be celebrating hi tech hits. Including us. Check out three things we are bringing to the party, and your fitness routine, at Halo.

1. Boditrax is the new way to check up on your workout progress. We know you feel good when you work out. That 20 minute run, swim, class, cycle or climb (you choose the machine that suits) is a brilliant way to boost health and mood. But however good it feels, you don’t always know what it’s actually doing to your body or, indeed, whether you are reaching your goals.

Boditrax can change that and it’s coming to Hereford Leisure Centre this year. You simply get on the Boditrax machine, create a login, and get some 20 statistics – all manner of bodymetrics – sent to your account so you can take a look on your mobile, tablet or PC. You’ll be able to check out classic measurements like your body fat and muscle mass, as well as ratings of bone mass or Basal Metabolic Rate (that’s your ability to burn the food you eat). It also tells you that all important figure – your metabolic age, i.e. what age your body is functioning at.

Cathy, who regularly works out at the Halo centre in Ross, recently got her Boditrax reading. “I enjoy exercising and was delighted when Boditrax confirmed all my sweat and effort was worthwhile, when it indicated that my metabolic age is 31. Not bad for a 46 year old!”

2. If you haven’t tried them already, check out the new kit, now in place at our gym at Hereford Leisure Pool. There is an ultimate total body training option with the Suspension Elliptical, three new styles of cycles, 10 treadmills with virtual active programming and TV technology, and a superb Climbmill for the greatest variety of workout options. Fabulous stuff! Our fitness instructors are waiting to introduce you and show you how it works…

3. As part of the multi-million pound makeover of Hereford’s Leisure Centre, Halo created a relaxing, spa-like suite for their new state-of-the-art toning machines – power-assisted (rather than resistance-based) workout tools that tone up all major muscle groups, helping people lose weight and stay healthy.

Crucially they can be used by everyone, irrespective of age, mobility, weight or fitness level. You don’t even need gym gear. You can turn up as you are and join in. The machines move and exercise your body for you and you simply create the resistance you want at the level your body is comfortable with if you want them to work even harder. Pictured, above right: Bridgette, one of Halo’s top toners in the toning suite, shown top left and on the opposite page.

A gift that lasts, for every day of the year….

If you haven’t picked up a membership of Halo already, here are three things that might persuade you to treat yourself, post-Christmas, to something that could change your lifestyle and boost your health. Want to know why?

1) If you’re coming to Halo just twice a week (and paying over £6 for an exercise class and another £6 odd for a gym workout, for example), a membership will save you money – you’ll be paying just over £1 per day on a standard membership, and even less if you qualify for a concessionary rate. A membership also means that you can come as often as you like (work out at lunch, spa on the way home, swim with kids after school) for that low weekly price, which is what nearly all our members do!

2) With our complete membership you can enjoy everything on offer in all our centres – our exercise classes and pools, golf facilities and gyms, spas and sports – plus membership privileges including online booking of fitness classes and racket courts up to 14 days in advance.

3) You’ll also benefit from a specially developed personal activity plan, fortnightly news and email feeds with advice to keep you in the best of health. Additionally, there are discounts and special offers in a range of local shops (when you flash your Halo membership card).

A date for your new diary…
Furlong Fury returns in 2018!

The best obstacle course around is returning to Hereford Leisure Centre in the summer for another great race. Mark Sunday 24th June in your calendar now – we’d love to see you in training early in the year!
Entries are now open at www.furlongfury.co.uk

Book now, and bag yourself a bargain with the early bird discount.

Andrea Slivkova
Editor, FitNet Magazine
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