Healthy Salads at Home from Cameron & Swan Café

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By Louise Sewell

Do try this at home: Make these healthy salads as a nutritious main meal or as a light snack. Even better, stop by at Cameron & Swan for a delicious home-made lunch!


• Mixed baby leaves

• Cherry tomatoes

• Sliced red onion
• Cucumber

• Avocado (optional)


Use one of the following as a protein topping: Goats cheese, ham, smoked salmon or grilled halloumi or chicken breast.


Wash and drain the vegetables and chop into desired size and shape. Mix together in a bowl and add one of the protein choices: goats cheese, ham, smoked salmon, grilled halloumi or grilled chicken breast.

Do not reheat chicken once it’s been cooked.

Dress with French dressing or balsamic glaze and olive oil. Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and add herbs if you like.


Create a taste of the Mediterranean by adding pomegranate seeds and peeled orange slices into your chicken salad.


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