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Sign Up Now For 8th April Duathlon Or 1st July Triathlon

Pictured: Competitors at the Hereford Duathlon. Photography by Hereford Triathlon Club


Pictured: Lauran Jones (centre) leading beginners around the duathlon bike course.

Hereford Triathlon Club is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2018 with the aim of encouraging more people to have a go at multi-sport. The club was first started in the gym at the former Campions restaurant on the banks of the River Wye by a group of friends who wanted to compete at the top level but, as Club Chairman Mike Parry explains, it’s a very different group of people now:  “We’ve evolved into a big club in the 30 years, we’re a lot more accommodating and we run a lot more sessions for beginners. The sport of triathlon has evolved and we’ve moved with it to become the fantastic club that we are now.”

“A lot of people are worried that they need to be fit to join us but that’s not the case at all. Hereford Triathlon Club has all shapes and sizes, all ages, all abilities. The good thing about the club is that it caters for everybody whether you’re fast, medium or just doing it for a hobby. You can join to be part of a social club, to have fun, to get fitter or to have a go at serious racing it’s up to you.  A lot of people do compete but even more members just like to do swimming, cycling and running with their friends and have a hobby which also helps them to stay healthy.”

The club has always organised races but they’ve changed a lot too. The original triathlon included a river swim and the club’s old duathlon course saw the athletes having to cycle up and down Dinmore Hill.  Now the races are very different and are designed for people who are new to the sport and those who want to have a go for the first time.

Pictured: Club members take part in the Herefordshire Cross Country League.

Supporting the St Michael’s Hospice Wheelie Big Cycle.

Members of the Hereford Triathlon Club.

Lauran Jones joined the club after going along to the triathlon in Leominster to marshal with her boyfriend Will. “It was watching all the people of different ages, sizes and ability that made me think ‘I could do that too!’ So I found a sprint triathlon in Lydney that October and entered it. Then I joined the club, put together a basic training programme with Will’s help, bought a bike and did indeed do the race three months later!”

Lauran is taking part in the club’s duathlon this April and she is also leading the beginner’s cycling group on Sunday mornings:   “It’s a challenge, I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I never thought I’d ever do a triathlon or a duathlon so it’s still a challenge to prove to myself that I can. We’re not all skinny and wearing lycra. People come to me and say “I can’t do that” and I like to support them, encourage them and show them that they can do it.  My long term goals are to lose weight, to get fit and to hopefully get a little bit faster”

Darren Gibbons has just joined the club and he’s entered the duathlon in April.  It will be his first multi-sport event: “I was looking for another challenge. I’m going to do the triathlon next year so I thought I’d have a go at the duathlon first. I’ve done some running events so I wanted to move into multi-sport,  after trying the duathlon first.  I was quite nervous about coming along to the club sessions at the beginning.  I thought it would be one of those clique clubs but it certainly isn’t.  It’s really friendly and family orientated.  My long term goal is to complete an Ironman but that’s definitely a few years away yet!”


To mark their 30th birthday, Hereford Triathlon Club is hoping to have a least 30 first timers taking place in the triathlon in Leominster this July. The club will be organising workshops for beginners so please get in touch if you’d like to have a go.  You can contact the club for more information.

Hereford Triathlon Club 

Facebook: Hereford Triathlon Club

Twitter: @Herefordtri


You can still sign up for the 8th April DUATHLON or the 1st July TRIATHLON. To enter the races online, visit

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