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By Suzanne Jevon-Hughston

It doesn’t matter how many yoga books you read, or how many yoga videos you watch, the rewards of yoga are coming from personal practice. A little practice every day is more beneficial than one or two hours once a week although if that is really all you can manage, don’t give up.

Finding a regular class with a teacher you like will help to form confidence and knowledge to bring your mat out at home or wherever you are and to participate in some yoga indulgence. Practice, practice, all is coming!

I run regular weekly classes, as well as half day, full day and residential retreats and experience yoga holidays. I am also the founder of The Hereford Yoga Festival which has run for three years. Additionally, one-to-one and corporate guidance in yoga and meditation are available.

Jevon Yoga Holidays began in 2007, where you are taken to cultural places, mostly to India, and visit off the beaten track hideouts to experience local cuisine, village life, magnificent nature and history and to enjoy daily yoga immersion. These holidays have become very popular, coming together with like-minded people to reconnect, re-centre and restore body and mind while enjoying new surroundings, new people and a new you! If you are looking to stay put in five-star surroundings, these holidays are not for you. But if you fancy being taken a little out of your comfort zone, like adventure, travel and the unknown, then they may be just what you are looking for. And such experiences help you to understand yourself that much more.

Why do we practise yoga? To bring balance to your body and mind and to help us grow into a more conscious, kind and loving human being. Similarly, time to retreat away from our hectic world, to be quiet and still, is sometimes all we may need to help us move forward to a more fulfilled life, and there’s no better way to learn this than by having the experience. Being at one with oneself is a privilege and something we all deserve along with health and happiness.

Om shanti om…. May peace be with all of mankind.

Suzanne Jevon-Hughston is founder of Jevon Yoga which was born in 1995.

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