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Beliefs that we hold about ourselves are, a shocking amount of the time, not great.  A quick look at the level of mental health issues in teenagers shows that as a society we are not brilliant at thinking we are brilliant… at all!  There are many reasons that support these patterns, and they often  start at a very young age. As each person is wonderfully unique, one factor will not affect all individuals in the same way. 

Holding negative beliefs about ourselves leads to us behaving in self-limiting ways. For example, we don’t go for things as we could because we believe that we ‘can’t’  or  that we are ‘not good enough’. As the beliefs become stronger, we can then get into looping patterns of behaviour because we don’t believe we deserve anything better. Abusive relationships are an example. 

Sometimes bright, intelligent individuals will follow the same pattern over and over until that core, radiant part of them starts to make itself known. This can appear in several ways, and often, the person can almost feel as if there are two of them – one that is ‘comfortable’ following the pattern and another one that is becoming stronger and wants change. They may ‘flip flop’ between two states, which can become quite draining, until action is taken.  

This is the perfect time for some energy work – Heart Healing can help that radiant, self-loving spark inside you to become stronger. Clearer boundaries arise and a strength develops that eventually leads to positive change in the form of physical actions. Once you detach yourself from a situation that no longer serves you, your perspective shifts and what once seemed so hard, becomes easier.  

In a healing session at this stage a lot of release may occur. Some people literally feel as if there is more space around them, a freedom to be somebody they may not actually recognise that much yet, but find it a lot more comfortable being. A healthier, more self loving aspect of themselves grows and takes root more firmly in their consciousness, over time helping them grow into the most beautiful ‘them’ they can be. 

Once a conscious decision has been taken to embrace change,  then accelerated growth occurs. This is truly exciting as previously unexplored potential can be utilised and a journey of self discovery starts. The speed of transformation can vary immensely, and it may be necessary to revisit a pattern, for instance just to check this is truly what somebody wants, and then let go again, taking responsibility for ourselves becoming a priority.  

This testimonial is particularly demonstrative of a person being at that point of change:   

“Very often we feel that life doesn’t give us a chance to stop and take a breath, or it throws into our faces so much that we feel there is no way we can cope. Being shy by nature and having low self-esteem, I found it difficult to cope with many life situations that lead to an eating disorder and autoimmune conditions. Following the loss of my husband and my job, I felt it was too much to handle.

When I met Julie and booked the first session with her I was not looking for a miracle. I was coming with an open mind instead. Familiar about energy medicine, I knew I had nothing to lose but to give it a go after trying various traditional approaches that our medicine offers. 

I felt deep gratitude after the first session straight away. Julie happened to see, feel so much inside of me that only I knew and she was not aware about. Although I didn’t feel relief on the emotional level straight away (Julie did mention that it might take few weeks) but, after few weeks the darkness brightened. I felt it became easier to carry on living. 

Sessions that followed gave me the same feeling of gratitude and appreciation. I was able to reduce my medication and my eating disorder started improving. I’ve started experiencing the warmth replacing sharp emotional pain in my heart. 

I know there is a long way to recovery and I still have to rely on traditional medicine to a certain extent, but I know that without seeing Julie the healing process might not have been possible or it would have been long and painful. Thank you Julie for the miracle.” Lucy

If you are interested in a one-to-one session or distance healing, please contact me to discuss any questions you may have about what a healing may bring. Distant Heart Connection is available free every month. I also run regular workshops, group sessions and lunchtime meditation that help the participants create a deeply peaceful and nurturing space. 

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