Lindsey McKenzie Advises On HAIR COLOURING

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To ensure your new colour suits you, a full consultation is given to each client. This will help you decide whether the colour you desire can be achieved, but also to check the condition of your hair. I take a test cutting to ensure the colouring process will run smoothly.

Skin test
This is done 48 hours prior to colouring, to check there is no adverse reaction to products. I do this during the consultation by applying a small amount of colour behind the ear. If no reaction occurs, we can go ahead with the colour.

Colour build up
If you have a lot of colour build up, this could prevent the colour from lifting, so it’s best to remove previous colour first – this can be achieved with kits you can buy. Alternatively, you can grow the colour out. If you apply new colour on built up areas, this can cause the hair to dry out or even break off, so that’s why a test cutting is always done first.

Cutting hair before colour
If your hair is quite long but you are considering a hair cut in addition to your new style, you should get your hair cut first. This way you will save money because you will need less colour.




If you are going for a more dramatic look
Make sure you consider the rules at your work place, school or college before you have your hair dyed a dramatic colour, as colour cannot be easily reversed.

Avoid dry, dull and damaged hair
Think about the upkeep of your new hair, as some styles need to be cut more often, and this can increase the cost of upkeep. For example, when going from dark to blonde, your roots will show sooner, so you’ll need to have your colour done more often to maintain the desired look. The use of bleach or other chemicals can dry out the hair so you will need to look after it more. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and colour is a must if you want to make your new look last longer and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny

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