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Yes, you can have stunning eyebrows, eyeliner and lips that last 24/7

What is micropigmentation?

SemiPermanent MakeUp, also known as micropigmentation, is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing where the colour is tattooed into the skin, creating makeup that does not wash off and looks good in the long term. It enhances natural features by  giving you a long-lasting eyeliner and lip colour, shaped and contoured. From natural ‘hair-stroke’ eyebrows, to eyeliner, lip liner and blush, even  full lip colour, you can indeed have makeup that lasts 24/7.

How is it done?  

“This revolutionary method inserts pigment into the dermal layer of the skin,” explains Beata, a renowned Hereford based makeup artist and micropigmentation specialist. “Because the colour is ‘in’ your skin, this creates a softer, more natural look.”

During the initial procedure the colour is added gradually, then in a follow up session about four to 6 weeks later more colour can be added, adjusting the results. This method allows the colour to settle.

Very few of us have the time or the will to spend more than a few minutes applying make-up, especially pencilling or powdering, which require some skill. If you have your eyeliner, eyebrows and lips done with micropigmentation, then this natural looking, semi-permanent makeup will last all day, all year around.

It is not just the time saving that is driving the trend: techniques, tools and even the inks used have all improved dramatically. Beata says: “I strive to offer my clients the best service, and the pigments I use from Karen Betts KB Pro Pigments range are widely used around the world. They are extremely popular due to the incredibly realistic results they deliver.” 

The tattoo machine used is also very gentle. Its light vibrations make it feel more like an electric toothbrush than a tattoo needle. 


There’s no formal downtime as it can vary from person to person. The brows should be kept dry for at least two days, and don’t panic if they look too dark at first – colour fades as the skin heals, and the results last for about a year or two. 

There is a preconception that because SemiPermanent MakeUp involves tattooing, it must be painful. However, this is not the case. While it is not completely pain-free, let’s face it, we all have a varying level of pain tolerance. 

An experienced and fully qualified practitioner will advise you on what to expect and the best way to reduce discomfort. 

“Before the application I numb the area and I won’t proceed until you feel comfortable,” adds Beata, who has been tattooing makeup onto eyebrows and lips, as well as eyeliner, for five years. “When you see the stunning results, you will quickly forget about any discomfort of the procedure!”

For more details and to book your free consultation, please contact Beata directly. 

Venus SemiPermanent Makeup & Beauty

5 Eign Gate, Hereford HR4 0AB (above F. Hinds Jewellers)

Tel: 07455 991 450 

Email: venuspermanentbeauty@gmail.com

Facebook: Venus Semi Permanent MakeUp & Beauty

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