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Manuka honey, which is native to New Zealand, is produced by bees that pollinate the manuka bush flower, Leptospermum scoparium. Due to its antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, manuka has been traditionally used for many ailments ranging from sore throat and indigestion, to stomach ulcers and wound healing. 

In 2007, the United States FDA approved manuka honey as an option for wound treatment. There is promising research showing that in conjunction with more conventional treatments,  manuka honey may help with treating wound infections caused by MRSA, a type of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. With the winter season in full swing, this superbly nutritious  honey may just be the weapon you need against the common cold too. 


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Relieve a sore throat

If you are suffering from a sore throat, manuka honey may bring you some relief. Its antiviral and antibacterial properties help reduce inflammation and attack the bacteria that cause pain in the inner lining of the throat. 

This effect has been observed both in the cases of viral infections like cold and flu, and in patients undergoing chemotherapy for head and neck cancer. Honey was also found to be effective at suppressing coughs.


Causes of acne include hormonal changes, poor diet, stress and bacterial growth in clogged pores, and manuka’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can be of great help with this skin problem too.

Stomach and digestion

Stomach ulcers are sores that form on the lining of the stomach, resulting in symptoms such as pain, nausea and bloating. The majority is caused by helicobacter pylori, whilst some cases are a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Research has shown that manuka honey can be a useful antibacterial agent against H. pylori and may help with alcohol-induced gastric ulcers. 

Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea and irregular bowel movements may also be eased by regularly consuming manuka honey. Another common cause of stomach upsets, bacteria Clostridium difficile, is commonly treated with antibiotics but studies have observed the effectiveness of manuka honey against Clostridium difficile strains.

Oral health

To maintain gum health and prevent tooth decay, it is important to minimize certain (bad) oral bacteria that contribute to plaque formation, but also to keep the good bacteria present. If you have completely eliminated honey from your diet to protect your teeth, you may be surprised to hear that due to its antibacterial properties, a sensible consumption of manuka honey will not cause tooth decay, as long as you practise good oral hygiene. In fact, manuka honey has been shown to inhibit the growth of harmful oral bacteria that can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. 

Whilst honey is not recommended for babies under the age of one, for most people it is safe to consume. Just like other types of honey, manuka is high in natural sugar, so consumption will affect blood sugar, an important factor for those with diabetes. People with an allergy to honey or bees should consult a doctor before using it. 

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