New Year – New You? Learn To Love Yourself With Self Care

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The Christmas over-indulgence has happened, and now it’s time to take stock of the damage done by excess alcohol and chocolates. Whether your New Year goals are aimed at health, wellbeing or beauty, it all starts from within. So how can we make 2018 a year of a lasting change?

By Bella Goode






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Start with a sugar detox
Cutting out sugar will not only help your physical health, it will be easier to achieve your ideal weight. Quitting the white stuff will also improve your concentration, energy levels and your complexion. Consider taking a probiotic to help with gut health, as the prevalence of bad gut bacteria is linked to depression and anxiety, that’s how much our stomach affects the brain!

Eat a wholesome diet
Take a good look at yourself and embrace your body as it is. Throw away the weighing scales, together with all the processed foods and ready meals, then go back to eating fresh, nutritious foods, grown organically if possible. Make soups from local produce, visit farmers’ markets, and pick fresh foods that are in season. Remember to include nuts, seeds and fish as they are a great source of healthy fats and protein, and try cooking with organic coconut oil or cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Limit red meat to organic or free range where possible, and include some pulses too. In any case, you will probably be fed up with eating turkey!



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Make exercise fun
It’s true that New Year is the time of gym membership renewals, but it all starts to dwindle quickly once the routine sets in and the motivation fades. To make 2018 a year of changes that will last, find an activity you really enjoy – exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. If you like dancing, join a dance class. If you enjoy roller skating, why not try a skating group? I’ve done belly dancing, hula hooping, gymnastics, dance and more recently pole fitness too. Make exercise fun, and you will stick at it. Meeting new friends along the way whilst toning up and getting fit makes it even more enjoyable.

Walk, walk, walk!
Get lots of fresh air by walking every day, it’s good for releasing those endorphins and helps with fitness too. Beat the traffic and walk instead of driving if you can, or buy a bike and cycle to work.

Make a plan to de-clutter your house room by room, it will give you a sense of achievement and free your mind. Take time to go through your wardrobe and give away any items you haven’t worn all year – your donation to charity will help others, while making space for all those lovely new clothes you are going to treat yourself to!

Clear out your make up bag of any old items past their date, then ask yourself: when did you last wash your makeup brushes? They harbour bacteria so give them a good clean in some shampoo and leave to air dry.

Reflect, then look ahead
Congratulate yourself on your achievements in 2017, and decide what new hobbies or classes you could add to your experiences in 2018. Learning new things is uplifting and it helps us grow.

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