Personal Trainer ADY WATTS EXPANDS His Business With Second GYM

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Successful Herefordshire based personal trainer Ady Watts, who is the owner of an innovative fitness facility at Rotherwas, is expanding with the opening of a second facility at Hereford FC’s Edgar Street stadium, in close proximity to the Old Market retail development in the city centre.

Ady tells us that in addition to publicly and privately owned health clubs, more experienced coaches, like himself, have started launching their own facilities.


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Ady’s approach is different, as his clients tend to be focussed on getting certain lifestyle results and therefore trust the skill set of their coach to achieve this. His facilities are strictly ‘ fit for purpose’ and are designed to make the training experience as easy as possible.

In Ady’s opinion, a high quality fitness training facility has two key ingredients – a good space to work in and exceptionally well trained coaches.

“With space and a few well selected tools we believe we can train people with any level of fitness, and help them make huge improvements. We’re passionate about our work and take time to ensure all our coaches are fully trained in our tried and tested methods.

“With a new business model based on a thorough assessment and greater levels of supervision, we can play a more active role in helping our clients forge a successful exercise habit.


“Although people are now living longer, many are not necessarily enjoying a greater quality of life due to their body becoming de-conditioned through lack of activity. With effective training we are con dent we can help reverse this process and help people of all ages regain their quality of life.”

Ady’s advice to all new clients is to choose a membership package that will help them achieve. For those with specialist needs, one-to-one training is ideal to start off with as it helps empower the client, whereas for those with less specific concerns, a small group setting – sharing a coach with up to four other members – can prove more motivational and get greater results.

Clients are referred to Ady and his team from many sources but, mainly, they come through existing members, healthcare professionals and sports coaches who trust them to deliver benefits.

For more information about the services Ady and his staff offer, please visit or call 01432 271 576.

Ady Watts
Ady Watts is head coach and corrective exercise specialist at Ady Watts Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, specialising in back disorders, injuries and pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.
Tel: 01432 271 576
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  1. Congrats. This is a good news. More people will have a chance to be coached by you.

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