PILATES With ESTHER: Pilates & Relaxation For Pregnancy & Postnatal Pilates With Your Baby

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Pilates & Relaxation for Pregnancy

Class designed specially for pregnant Mums at every stage of their pregnancy from the early weeks to as late as week 39 or 40.  No two pregnancies are the same and this is reflected in the exercises based on the principles of Pilates and focusing on the changing posture throughout pregnancy. The class will help you to mobilise and gently stretch your body, find comfortable positions to ease aches and pains, finishing with relaxation techniques to help with labour and birth.  

Postnatal Pilates with Your Baby

These sessions also use Pilates principles aiming to promote circulation and aid recovery of the abdominal area, in particular the pelvic floor, significant in prevention of stress incontinence and prolapse. This aids physical and psychological recovery and relieves back and sacroiliac pain. Here is how one participant, Rosie described the class: “I can exercise with my baby – sometimes he joins in too! I can now carry him around without backache.”

The great thing about this class is that it is only open to Mums and their babies, so if baby needs a nappy change or a feed, then Mum can do this in the class without worrying that they are interrupting others. Additionally, the sessions can assist with weight reduction! 

“A great way to get yourself ‘back together’ and a lovely way to meet other new mums.” Catherine

“Moves are explained thoroughly so that you can follow the exercises at home. Really helps you tone and get your pre-baby body back to some normality. Thanks!” Cara

“It’s so wonderful to have all the babies with us as we exercise – very patient teacher, who manages to talk to us through the gurgles and squeals of the babies.”  Kate

Trigger Point Pilates® 

Newly introduced classes that combine the core Pilates moves with trigger point release and clinical myofascial principles. Designed to release tight muscles, enhance functional daily movement and alleviate chronic pain conditions. Please contact Esther for more details.

Please visit the website for the full Spring Term 2020 Timetable

Pilates with Esther Fransham. Tel: 01452 760 120 / 07711 832 042   Email:  esther@estherf.com  Facebook: Pilates with Esther  www.estherf.com

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