Pre- and Post-natal Exercise and Nutrition

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By Denise Bailey 

Keeping physically active during pregnancy and the post-natal period has many benefits both physically and mentally, and is recommended by the Royal College of obstetricians and Gynaecologists as well as the American College of Sports Medicine. This is true even if the individual did not participate in physical activity prior to pregnancy. 

There are many physiological and biomechanical changes in the body during pregnancy to facilitate the growth and development of a healthy baby. These changes have implications for physical activity which change during each trimester and the post-natal period.

It is important to let your fitness instructor/ personal trainer know that you are pregnant, so they can make the necessary adaptions and offer alternatives in your sessions.  

Ensure your instructor has a pre- and post-natal qualification to guide you safely and plan your sessions in line with current evidence and guidelines.

I am pleased to have recently updated my pre- and post-natal qualification and have also had the personal experience of continuing physical activity and instructing during my own pregnancy.

I can advise and offer adaptions through all my classes and offer personal training through all stages of pregnancy and in the post-natal period. I can also advise on current nutritional guidelines during pregnancy. 

Sessions can be booked within The Studio-Hereford, gym, outdoors, or at your home.

All classes/PT sessions are carried out in line with COVID safe guidelines.

Den Bailey

PT, Sports Masseuse, Pre and Post Natal Instructor

Mobile: 07779 320 812


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