PURE STRETCH With Mandy Harrison

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Pure Stretch is a flexibility class with a focus on core strength. It is suitable for all levels and uses equipment such as stability balls, blocks and yoga straps to give you extra leverage to stretch that little bit further. The class encourages mobilization with movement, followed by stretching within a comfortable range.

Life today can be stressful, which can lead to stiff muscles and joints. After hours of sitting at a desk or too much texting, your shoulders, back and hamstrings really need a good stretch. Tension in the neck and shoulders can affect posture, whilst weak glutes and tight hips from too much sitting can cause further problems. Hamstrings, in particular need to be stretched regularly, otherwise they can become a factor in back problems. A strong core is beneficial for everyone as it supports your spine and keeps your body stable and balanced. Back pain is a common side effect of a weak core as well as muscle and joint stiffness.

Stretching can ease tension and increase range of motion by lengthening and strengthening muscles, also helping with injury prevention. Postural alignment benefits from stretching too, by lengthening tight muscles, while weak, under-used muscles improve their stamina and balance. By relieving tension, stretching leads to freer movement and less pain, and it also revitalizes you!

You can indeed train your muscles to stretch that bit further, especially when using equipment. Modifications are offered in the class so that everybody can work to their own potential, for example by sitting on a foam block to help with posture or kneeling on it to relieve sore knees. For those who cannot lie on their front, the exercises can be performed using a chair.

Pure Stretch compliments all fitness regimes and takes place in a relaxed environment. Equipment is provided, though some prefer to bring their own yoga mat. So have a go, and you’ll be touching those toes in no time.

Pictured: Mandy Harrison with TV presenter Alex Jones.

Classes are held at Leominster and Yarpole Village Hall, with additional classes coming soon. Contact Mandy Harrison for more details.

Tel: 01544 387 958 or 07538 218 273

Email: mandys.mail@virgin.net

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