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When we are in pain, we are limited in our movement, in doing the things we love, and if the pain is not resolved, our physical state starts affecting our emotional state and mental outlook.

Pain is a symptom of something not being quite right in our body, and treatment is not always a simple, straight line. Often, to achieve lasting results, we may have to do others things such as improve our posture, become more mobile, relax more or change our lifestyle to regain some of the lost vitality.

Amatsu is a whole body treatment that works on the soft tissues, helping the body to re-balance itself. Using acupressure, mobilisation, postural ergonomics, muscle energy techniques, fascial release and massage, Amatsu helps bring the structures back into balance, therefore empowering the body to heal itself.

Amatsu can help improve the following conditions:

– pain in your back, knees, shoulders and other joints

– sprains or strains, sports injuries, arthritis, whiplash

– irritable bowel syndrome and digestive dysfunctions

– anxiety, headaches, migranes, lack of energy.


COMPETITION – 6 winners will be selected!


If you would like to try Amatsu Physical Therapy with Stephan at one of the three clinics available, enter this competition by emailing your name, contact details and your answer to FitNet:

Q: Name one of the conditions for which Amatsu can be used.

Email your answer to:

Please write ‘AMATSU’ in the email subject.

Closing date: 18th November 2018

Previous round winners: Zoe Wigmore, Julie Donaldson, Alison Lloyd, Deb Pedashenko, Ben Daffurn, Maria Knight.

Did you know? During Amatsu treatment you will remain fully clothed, simply remove your shoes and a belt. It is a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing for the treatment.

Client Testimonials:

Lucy Cooper, Hereford – June 2018:

“I had a recurring shoulder injury for 5 years and had used a range of physio exercises and sessions to help manage the issue. By chance I came across Amatsu and Stephan Grabner on the internet and decided to give it a try. The results have left me able to fully utilise my shoulders in robust exercise without fear of inflaming the issue. I cannot recommend Amatsu and Stephan enough.”

Marcia Hopkins, Hereford – June 2018:

“I have to be honest, I went to my first Amatsu therapy session because it was a free trial! On the pre-session form I wrote that the problem I was going for was tired, heavy legs. I was impressed therefore when Stephan picked up very quickly on my limited movement in my right shoulder, from a whiplash injury some 30 years ago. Since then I have had 5 or 6 sessions, my shoulder though is still dodgy nevertheless it is moving in a way it hasn’t for many years. My legs, complete with one metal knee joint are much improved, as is my neck and shoulder. I find the holistic approach of the therapy fascinating as it aims to balance and co-ordinate the whole body structure. Thank you, Stephan.” 

H. D. Adams, Longtown – May 2018:

“I bought a session for my husband (who had a biceps tendon issue that was bothering his serve in tennis AND a sore knee). I also got myself a session and felt great afterward – my hip tendon let go and my legs were the same length again… I loved the approach, which was very holistic and used a combination of techniques that I have used before. The funny thing is that my husband didn’t think he got any benefit, but the next day he came out of the pool and was so excited because he had done the crawl for the first time in months (his shoulder hurt too much to do anything but back stroke); then at his tennis match the next day, his knee didn’t hurt, and his serve was not painful anymore! Hmmm…. I’m sure that had nothing to do with your session with Stephan. Thanks for getting him back on the court!”

Anne Binnie, Abergavenny – May 2018:

“I first went to an Amatsu practitioner over 30 years ago when the therapy first came to the UK. I have returned to it each time my body has been out of balance for whatever reason. I have used other forms of physical therapy but in my experience there is nothing to quite match the efficacy of Amatsu. I was delighted to see that Stephan had set up a practice in Abergavenny and he helped my daughter during the summer of 2017 before she went abroad. I went straight to Stephan myself earlier this year after suffering a bout of sacroiliitis. It had been a few years since I had needed any treatment and I was delighted with Stephan’s level of skill and care. After a session I can tell that my structure is more aligned and relaxed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amatsu or Stephan to anyone, whether in connection with ongoing/chronic pain or a particular incident.”

G. D. – May 2018:

“Stephan is very professional and explains everything clearly. I really felt the benefit of my session and I will be going again!”

H.B. – December 2017:

“I always enjoy my treatments from Stephan, he is very friendly, knowledgeable and gentle. His focus is completely on you and he truly cares about how you are and at helping to make you well. I will continue to see Stephan for Amatsu sessions. Highly recommended!”

Stephan Grabner is a fully qualified Amatsu Therapist practising in clinics at Chave & Jackson Therapy Centre in Broad Street in Hereford, in Pearl Street, Cardiff, Monmouth Road in Abergavenny, and Morrello Clinic in Langstone, Newport.

SPECIAL OFFER: Your first 60-minute treatment will be only £25 with this advert. 

For more details please contact Stephan Grabner. Tel: 07710 285 104


Facebook: amatsucentre

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