SPORTS MASSAGE By Anneke van Genderen

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Do you have a long standing injury that has not responded to conventional treatment? Then sports massage may be for you. Find out how training in a range of therapies helped Anneke combine her knowledge with her own experience of fitness, dance and sport, giving her a new perspective on her clients’ ailments.

Sports massage, with a difference

I am an engineer with a degree in international agricultural trade. I worked in that field for several years, and spent my free time practising and teaching  gymnastics and jazz ballet. Being born and raised in the Netherlands also meant lots of swimming in summer, ice skating in winter, and cycling being my preferred mode of transport, of course. 

After moving to Great Britain in 1999 I got very ill and subsequently retrained. It started with Reiki Master, then NLP and Time Line Therapy.  All these new qualifications offered me  a  lovely change of career but I was missing sport and exercise. So when I settled in Herefordshire, I started playing tennis and enrolled in dance classes with Dance Fusion. 


Working on my own health and fitness became a priority, and this made me realise that in my work I still missed one part of the mind-body-spirit trinity. The therapies I offered took care of the mind and the spirit, but I wanted to do more for the physical body. Adding sports massage to my portfolio of qualifications finally enabled me to treat the whole person. When clients arrive for a treatment, their muscles are tense at first, but a simple chat prior to treatment relaxes the muscles, making a massage treatment easier and far more effective. 

Something similar happens with Reiki. Energy flows easier through the body after a massage, but also after a chat that puts the client at ease. I feel that applying all the skills I have learned over the years makes a treatment more powerful. You could say that although each therapy separately can deliver great results, the sum is greater than the parts.

In my practice I often work with clients for whom regular medicine has provided no answers. This includes long standing injuries that have not responded to conventional treatments, yet sports massage, in combination with other treatment options, often alleviates the problem. 

In addition to sports massage, I offer NLP and Time Line Therapy. 

You can book a daytime or evening appointment at my clinic in Holmer, Hereford or at 1 Harley Street, London. Home visits in Herefordshire are optional. Please get in touch to find out if I can help. 

Tel: 07748 459 575   


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