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By Emma Reed

Many of us have good intentions. We want to make our lives better and do everything we can to build strong foundations for the future. Many times we do indeed succeed, but there can be times when we struggle to make our plans work out. Facing challenges, we start to feel uncertainty and fear, and we try even harder to force a positive outcome. We can become fixated on resolving one particular issue, forgetting to tend to anything or anyone else. Of course this is a common experience and perhaps not one we would think to turn to therapy to resolve. 

And yet, that gnawing feeling of dread, as if something is wrong or missing, can limit our ability to make decisions, clouding our thoughts, and leading to worry and paralysis. 

In these moments, learning how to use hypnotherapy can help you release worries, both mentally and physically. Creating inner stillness allows ideas and solutions to arise freely, without struggle, and you begin to experience yourself as capable. 

With increasing self-acceptance, it becomes easier to recognise your particular coping strategies – the ways in which you keep yourself down and others out. You can begin to work with your own erratic impulses instead of suppressing and fighting against them, going within your own mind to discover your own negative beliefs. Hypnotherapy allows you to cut through those beliefs and recognise what you are truly capable of. 

As a professional counsellor and hypnotherapist, I can help you safely explore disturbing feelings and identify unhelpful thoughts that may lock you into patterns of struggle. As you start to change the way you deal with challenges, it becomes possible to focus on developing positive and life-affirming attitudes. It is easier to see how where you are now in life comes from your successful decisions and choices in the past. 

Identifying which values and ideals have guided you to incredible achievements makes future planning more realistic and authentic, and your increased confidence and self-worth will motivate you to achieve more. 

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