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By Katie Dobson

Some women can’t wait to get out there on the mountain. They love the exhilaration of flying around on their skis, breathing in lungfuls of fresh alpine air, in front of a backdrop to die for. Others find the very same backdrop and prospect of the much loved winter sport truly daunting. Tentatively they put on their boots, whilst shakily saying to the rest of the crew, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll meet you up there”. They are subconsciously wondering what dread lays in store for them up that steep and icy winter wonderland. Some even hope for a miraculous intervention that would help them avoid getting on the slopes at all.

People who ski well may have learnt from an early age, they may be inherently sporty, or perhaps had excellent tuition. But what about the good skiers in their forties and fifties; the non-sporty types, with only moderate fitness levels? Well, they probably started on easy terrain, progressed to gentle slopes, and steadily became confident on more challenging routes. The real common denominator, however, for all accomplished skiers is that somewhere along the way, they’ve had a whole lot of fun!

When learning skiing, there are many factors: snow and weather conditions, understanding movement and co-ordination, but fun is the key, the glue that holds it all together, and it will set you up for all future trips.

“I can’t believe I’m putting FUN and SKI in the same sentence!” says Kath, one of my Ski Goddesses. “It is fun! Skiing is fun!” she cackles in delight whilst getting back on the drag lift.

Ski Goddess has made a finishing school – if you like – for the ‘My Fair Ladies’ of the slopes. This is how it works.

First, the nerves are quashed with a one-to-one booking process. Our chat will include an in depth conversation about your ski experience so far, followed by your vision of what you would like your future ski holidays to look and feel like.

From day one the process remains in your comfort zone so that you can experiment with new techniques – with fun and giggles!

We use metaphors, lots of them, to aid your balance and stability at every turn. You’ll have to join the course to find out more about this method I use, but for now, here is a client’s take on the process:

“Katie teaches everything, layer upon layer, in perfect building blocks, in a fun and often rather wacky way, but that’s how we remember it,” says Ski Goddess Tricia.

Towards the end of the course we have a music day, so the Goddesses get to ski to music. It means they can finally stop thinking about all the technical elements and let it all fall into place to the rhythm of songs such as “One Day Like This”. The music day is surely a highlight of the trip, and it often brings about a euphoric tear or two.

Finally, with a drum roll, comes the grand finale… Skiing down the last slope, and a glass of bubbly. See, skiing is definitely fun, and you will want to come back for more. Why? Because once you become a Ski Goddess, you’ll fly around on your skis, feeling the exhilaration and the fresh mountain air on your skin; soaking up the stunning backdrop of the snow covered peaks all around you.

Do get in touch with any questions about my courses, your skiing or for any ski advice. See you on the slopes!

Katie Dobson is the founder of Ski Goddess, offering ladies-only ski course holidays in Chatel in the Portes du Soleil, France. Katie holds the highest international skiing qualification, BASI Level 4 International Snowsports Teacher Diploma (ISTD). She has more than 20 years of teaching experience and 27 winter seasons all over the world.

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