THRIVE With MICHA. Stop self-sabotaging this New Year and become your own best friend.

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The New Year brings an emotive time for reflection. As we look back many of us remember the resolutions we set. Often these become the same unrealised goals year after year. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Too often we employ the same tactics, forgetting Einstein’s definition of insanity. 

Did you know that 12th January has been crowned ‘Quitters Day’? By then the large majority of resolutions are broken. By February, you can guarantee that 80 per cent of us will have given up completely. Unfortunately, the odds are against us, and willpower alone is not enough. 

It’s time to employ some new tactics. Our psychological foundations play a key role in supporting us to make lasting changes. Although an organ, the brain needs to be trained like a muscle. The way we think affects the way we feel and behave, so it’s vital we pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves, our beliefs and how in control we feel of our lives.

When the foundations are strong, we are able to achieve and show resilience to life’s challenges. When weak, we tend to  create disempowering beliefs, and symptoms such as self-doubt, low confidence, depression and anxiety occur. 


To make lasting positive changes this year, focus on the two things you can control; your thoughts and your actions. It all starts with YOU. 

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Micha Jade Reynolds is a qualified THRIVE PROGRAMME practitioner. Like a personal trainer for the mind, Micha helps clients overcome anxiety, depression and eating disorders, and thrive in all areas of life.

One-to-One consultations via Skype or Group Seminars at your school, business or group are available. Please get in touch for more details and to book your FREE consultation. 

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