Trigger Point Massage ALL TIED UP IN KNOTS?

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By Luana Howes

One of the most common questions I get asked in my clinics is, “what are knots?”. Have you ever reached back to your shoulder and found that aching spot that feels so nice when you dig your fingers into it? Yes, that is it! Those small sensitive areas of soft tissue are the trigger points, commonly referred to as knots. 

When your body experiences injury, trauma or overuse, it goes into ‘protection mode’, contracting your muscles to protect the area. This can result in “mini-cramps” within the muscle that the body will then not let go of. Your body gets stuck in this feedback loop with the nervous system, and won’t relax. This restricts the blood flow to the area, causing a metabolic waste build up, which then causes inflammation and subsequent pain.

Trigger points won’t just cause localised pain, they quite often cause referred pain too. For instance, a trigger point in your shoulder could be causing neck pain or headaches. Or a trigger point in your arm could be causing wrist pain. I see trigger points a lot in people with desk jobs and poor posture, or when someone has had an injury, trigger points can surround the area and prevent healing.

But there’s good news! Massage treatment that uses trigger point therapy “switches off” these trigger points by telling the nervous system it is okay to relax. The treatment also flushes the trigger points out to stop them re-occurring. 

Trigger point therapy is just one of the many advanced massage techniques that I use within my treatments. I will also provide you with advice to help you take control of your own health and prevent further pain and injury. This can include lifestyle advice, stretches or self massage. Please contact me for more information and to book.

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