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Add balance to any training regime and other reasons to give it a go

By Denise Bailey

People often ask me about Fitness Pilates and its benefits. Fitness Pilates applies the fundamental Pilates technique to exercises founded by Joseph Pilates, aiming to offset musculoskeletal imbalances. Other benefits include improvements in posture, movement quality, mobility and flexibility, as well as core strength, form and function. 

Fitness Pilates adds balance to any training regime and if practised regularly, it can result in better performance and a lower risk of injury. Last but not least, mental wellbeing and cognitive function are also enhanced by regular participation. 

I have personally reaped the benefits of adding Fitness Pilates to my own training, daily life and teaching schedule. With greater flexibility and core strength, my posture has improved and I feel more relaxed. I would encourage anyone to try Fitness Pilates and see the effects in 4 to 6 weeks.

Fitness Pilates can be taught in classes, small groups or one-to-one, depending on your preferences. I am delighted I can now offer Fitness Pilates, Lift LeanTM and Prime 2020, as well as Bespoke Personal Training sessions in The Studio – Hereford, at thePoint4, or at your home, even outdoors. FULL COVID-SAFETY MEASURES ARE IN PLACE AT ALL LOCATIONS. Please contact Denise directly for more information.


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