WOMEN’S TIME: Finding Balance

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By Emma Reed

As women, our lives are full of balancing competing needs. Whether working, raising a family, caring for relatives or managing it all, much of our time is dedicated to meeting the needs of those around us. Doing so draws on our deepest energy reserves and involves levels of resourcefulness many of us never knew we possessed.

Unfortunately, prioritising others’ needs means we can too easily overlook our own needs. We become stressed, worn out, overwhelmed and resentful, making choices that compromise our well-being even further. Perhaps we boost our energy levels with coffee or sugar, crash out in front of the TV instead of exercising, or become irritable with others as we feel the weight of their unwelcome demands.

It is important, then, to really take time out for ourselves. Whilst this can mean rest and sleep, there are other activities that can restore our equilibrium and well-being. Whether this means a good workout, meeting up with friends, or taking a hike in the woods, the key element is being reinvigorated and restored at the deepest mental and emotional levels.

What stops us from replenishing ourselves is a more complicated issue. Guilt can arise when we feel undeserving of having personal time. We may over-estimate our strength and soldier on regardless, associating our personal worth with being productive. Prioritising others may be a habitual pattern or a conditioned family role, and the people in our lives may expect us to carry on doing everything. Taking time out may prompt responses of outrage or disappointment, and any relationship fears can lead to us avoiding threatening the status quo.

I can help you work through these issues one at a time. Not only will you untangle the complicated factors that override your need for personal replenishment, you will also experience the total physical release of accumulated stress and tension from your nervous system. Discover how to achieve this for yourself. Become confident in balancing your own and others’ needs. Experience how everyone benefits when you take the time to restore yourself.

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