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By Emma Reed

Many of us struggle through the winter months. Whether feeling low from the lack of light or worrying how to make ends meet over Christmas, periods of anxiety and depression* are common at this time of the year. One major challenge we face is our own impatience with those feelings. Of course feeling depressed or anxious is not nice, but in trying to ignore or deny the experience, we risk overlooking important information about who we are and what fulfils us. 

Take a moment to think about what happiness or fulfilment means to you. We all have an image tucked away in our mind, an ideal of how we want our life to be. For many of us it does not include feeling uncomfortable! However, our uncomfortable feelings are essential. In allowing and exploring them we can discover our own deeply held, yet outdated beliefs and values. Beliefs that undermine our self worth, that discount the value of what we really need, that prevent us from listening to an essential part of ourselves are likely to cause anxiety. Stopping and questioning these beliefs put us back in control, as we get to redefine our view of the world and start listening to ourselves again. 

We also get to feel more in control when we stand back from what the world tells us is important, and start to consider what we find meaningful. 

The experience of depression facilitates this stepping back, and gives us the chance to step away and think about what is uniquely fulfilling to us as individuals. In redefining our negative experiences as purposeful, we can embrace the short periods of discomfort, and trust in our own wisdom. So surrender to the feelings. Stop and take some time to consider your beliefs and values. Allow yourself to dream bigger and better, and be inspired to take action that really does bring you happiness. 

* Please seek professional support for persistent depressive or anxiety disorders.

Emma Reed is a counsellor and hypnotherapist in Ledbury and Malvern. Visit www.emmareedcounselling.uk or www.emmareedhypnotherapy.uk for more information on how she can help you.

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